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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    No actually, would be nice for them to learn with chip and pin, I did with my old united go.
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    The end of medical aid as you know it in South Africa

    That transformation comment is bullSh**.
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    Why hard drives won’t be replaced by SSDs any time soon

    Two totally different problems. Is the issue local speed of running the application or data retrieval from the database? If the server is JUST a file server, you won't see improvements, rather concentrate on the laptops. TBH, a decent 256Gb ssd is cheap to roll out to laptops and if you upgrade...
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    How much you need to earn each month to be in the richest 1% in South Africa

    Liver , heart, Kidney and tongue are all great meats. Now I'm hungry for some oxtail.
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    Use of old South African flag in avatars

    Long thread but just to agree with Hunter on one point, members of family were forced to take part in the bush war under that flag and served their country with honour and without choice. As he said, his avatar is to honor them, people forget the flag did not stand for apartheid, it stood for a...
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    How much you need to earn each month to be in the richest 1% in South Africa

    Sounds about right, we do close to 11k a month on groceries but that includes petfoods, cleaning products etc.
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    Ster-Kinekor adds unlimited movie club to six more cinemas

    Aint that the f***ing truth.
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    Windows Server 2008 - Prize giveaway

    Windows Server 2008 was limited to 64 logical processors, which by today’s standards leaves it in the slow lane for modern business operations.
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    5 important things happening in South Africa today

    Normal operandi then?
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    Could I voluntarily have my vehicle repossessed?

    Maybe a silly point but can he even sell the car? Its not actually his until fully paid.
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    South Africa is on the brink of load shedding: Eskom

    Then cut zim off. You can only sell surplus which we DON'T have. Aren't SOE's not supposed to make a profit? Wel, one would assume no profit before mandate fulfillment.
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    SARS IT head suspended

    Took waaaaaay to long.