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    Help find a book - fantasy

    Oh the book the op is looking for, could it not be Stephen Donaldsons other works? The GAP series? *EDIT* sorry wrong series, meant Mirror of her Dreams
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    Help find a book - fantasy

    Is that the scifi fantasy kelt lady? *EDIT* sorry wrong author again, on a bad roll today but if interested -> Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
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    Help find a book - fantasy

    Doubt Chronicles is what you looking for.
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    Help find a book - fantasy

    Didn't enjoy the Enders series but Tamuli and Saphire Rose were fun.
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    IT Graduate seeking employment advice

    You might have to look at starting in a different role first, haven't heard of companies hiring junior system analysts etc, one would normally promote internally after a person has proven knowledge OR experience. Not being offensive but the quicker you accept that what you were taught vs real...
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    Gripens over Cape Town

    Extended range fuel pods no?
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    The Banting/LCHF Thread

    Marrow/Zuchinis are nice, even good as cake but I like sauteed cabbage, is actually quite sweet.
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    The Banting/LCHF Thread

    Believe it or not, thats shredded cabbage covered in cheese and low carb tomato sauce. Meatballs are homemade from mince, no flour. It looks like a lot but its mostly cabbage.
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    The Banting/LCHF Thread

    "Spaghetti" and meatballs
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    meep, no change, 93kg, looked good for a while then crept back.
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    Watch: Jozi has a new hero in South African produced series on Netflix

    I'll give it a episode at least. Netflix local content is normally quite decent.
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    Burglar Bars: compare clear bars vs. traditional bars

    I got oldschool metal bars painted white and cemented into the brickwork of the window frame. Highly visible sign saying , "it's gonna take you a while and be noisy, enough time for my pooches to come for a snack on your rear end".