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    Toyota Corolla 1.4 D4D 2014 Brake pads

    I have a 1.4 D4D toyota corolla and I have been looking for brake pad. This will be second set I will be putting. Last time Toyota Charged me R2400 for new rear pads including labour. I managed to get the rear replacement from Midas but I can't find the front brake pads. Toyota is selling them...
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    Opening Group Savings a.k.a StokVel

    I would like some assistance on starting an investment stokvel(Club) The plan is to form a Club with colleagues and ex-colleagues(basically friends) whom we have known each other for over 5 years. Mostly we also went to Varsity together. I have already done the briefing regarding this and all...
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    Meteorology as career

    My cousin is currently doing grade 12 and shes interested on becoming a climatologist.. Now i cant really advice her on this, i don't have the information Dont know any one whose done Meteorology) ..shes asking about employment opportunities and areas where one can specialize, also the...
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    Recruitment agency looking for a cheaper candidate?

    Two colleagues of mine applied for the same position at same company. They both did well in the interview and Psychometric test. They are looking for one person and now they got offers both of them, same amount. First thing that came in mind when they told me was they looking for a more...
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    Is Miway running a scam?

    Last year February I bought my first car vw citi sport 1.4 worth R60000. I just turned 25 last month and my drivers license I got it in May 2010...finding affordable insurance was not easy, I looked around and i felt insurance was too expensive, i got quotes ranging from R1500 to 2500 and I got...
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    Drive Protection System (DPS): HDD failed the DPS self test

    can anyone please tell me what is the DPS test I ran in BIOS?I have just installed windows 7 ultimate on my PC. it has 3 HDD, 2x 160GB and one 1.00 TB, everything was fine for about 1hour30min and windows notified me that the HDD is failing 5min later the HDD disappeared from Explore(my...