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    ABSA **** service

    I went to ABSA in westgate mall, mitchells plain, cape town to collect funds sent to me. We were made to wait in a queue outside the bank for 20+ mins. Once inside there were 5 people ahead of me excluding those at the 2 counters. The first thing I noticed other than what appeared to me that...
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    I hope the machines learnt their lesson

    @3WA. Your mentioning of AI Text generator promted me to do a search on what that entails.. ... WOW. ... scary stuff. but I assure you. I wrote this article myself with reference to text from Goldschlager and Lister
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    I hope the machines learnt their lesson

    I want voice concern of the level to which online tracking has spiralled out of hand and measures to bring it back to acceptable standards. Views.. my own. and maybe 99% of others as well. Ok, they are the views of at least another two people. Whilst we all can agree that data gathering on...