ABSA **** service


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Apr 8, 2021
I went to ABSA in westgate mall, mitchells plain, cape town to collect funds sent to me.

We were made to wait in a queue outside the bank for 20+ mins. Once inside there were 5 people ahead of me excluding those at the 2 counters.
The first thing I noticed other than what appeared to me that the staff count was low and they appeared to work EXTREMELY slow, was the amount
of times they needed to leave their station. It makes me wonder... why did they have to get up all those times. Was it to get paper? Stapler? consult with their manager?
It also appeared that more people were using the forex counter which is very unusual for people in my geographical area.
Whilst I was outside they collected our id numbers on their little tablet ... heaven alone knows why. But it made me think about why they do it? Was it to improve their service speed? No. Its clearly for their month end graphs and numbers which I would guess is very low anyways given how many people they helped while I was there.
Total time spent: Over an hour whilst only 2 people ahead of me were helped.
The most times ONE consultant got up to leave a single client was 6 times. Time away was at least 3 mins minimum with 10 mins maximum. Yes. I timed them thats how frustrated I was.

I eventually grew tired of their schenanigans and left to try the ABSA at promenade mall, mitchells plain.

When I arrived their, the doorman told me I needed to join a queue outside the mall.
The queue was about 200m from the entrance to the mall and the entrance to ABSA is a further 100m inside the mall.
First thing that comes to mind. What if it rains? Must we still stand outside?
So after near 30 mins of waiting someone came to fetch us. We were all given a slip with a number and queued outside the bank (inside the mall).
Eventually we were allowed inside. When inside I waited in the seating queue for the tellers which was where the lady told me to wait.
After a period of time, I grew frustrated at the pace that they were working. I noticed the consultants at the tellers frequently got up from their station leaving the client. They also typically had a conversation with their fellow workers inbetween clients also lasting order of minutes.
So I proceeded to go look for the branch manager. Whom I couldnt find, then looked for any manager.,... who i also couldnt find. Yet I saw a number of employees all in a misty glass office. I would say at least 5 from the angle I could see.

Eventually after me raising my voice about their lack of service, someone who said she was the manager came to me. I explained what I had come to do. then she asked if i couldnt do it via internet banking. to which i replied I could.. if i knew my password. to which she replied then why dont i reset it via my phone. to which i replied, i didnt have my phone and hence i needed the assistance of personel. she then eventually left, but before she did she told me that the person who was handling my type of transactions had just gone on lunch and would be back in 40 mins. Now.. after waiting that amount of time Im beginning to see how little the banks acctually care about people. Firstly. Understaffed. Secondly.. lots of space, pc's etc.. but not being utilized. thirdly, employees wasting time with continuously getting up from their stations to have conversations with other employees. Fourthly. Presuming everyone wants to handle transactions via their phones. Fifth. staff with skills backup. i.e. If someone who handles forex leaves for lunch, then someone else should be able to handle his/her duties while that person is on lunch. Sixth. ABSA spends too much money on bullshit signage and marketing and huge amount of unused office space filled with unused equipment but cant fill more than 2 teller stations in a single go. (There were 7 stations in total).

But here is the "best" part. So eventually the woman comes back from lunch. Without any urgency, and first having a conversation with her co worker, decides to help me. She takes my id and checks up on the system.
Im sure quite a few opened up our bank accounts with our green book id and since then quite a few of us have gone for our new card id's. So the teller turns the screen to me and asks. why my date that i was issued my id wass different to the date on their system. To which I replied... "How the hell am I supposed to know that?" The date on their application read 2015.. and the date I was issued a new id card was 2019. So i took a guess and said.. maybe ya'll entered it wrong.
Now.. bearing in mind i had just a few weeks ago also gone to collect funds at a branch in claremont, it didnt appear as a concern to me seeing as everything was valid. She then has the goddamn nerve and idiocity to tell me: Sir, then can you please go get that id of 2015. To which i started raising my voice and informing her that she was being fulla ****. she decides to get what i think was the doorman (someone standing at door telling people to go inside) to go check something. He takes my card from her and disappears to the back. Now at this point Im getting furious as its becoming obvious they were being full of ****. i.e. Why is my id, good enough for one branch but not another? The guy eventually comes out and asks me if he can speak to me aside. At this point i wanted to kick the crap outta him cos firstly.. Im not a ****ing idiot. Secondly. He pulled me aside cos he could see i dont just accept anyones **** and would raise concerns. So he proceeds to tell me, that whomever he spoke to while at the back advised him to tell me to go get a proof of address.
To which i replied.. i only receive statements from ABSA as i have no other accounts. He tells me to then get someone who I live with to verify. Now..
1) I already gave you proof of address when i opened the account years ago. Why you want it again?
2) What does proof of address have to do with my id?
3) My situation was urgent that i needed the money today and for me to go get someone who can verify my address means not only taking up another day, but that persons time and money, also a journey to the police station to get a sworn affidavit.

-Not everyone has time or money like your overpaid and lazy staff to waste. Many people DONT have or want to use cellphone banking as they lose or their phones gets stolen. So stop the dependancy on cell phones for service. Because today i didnt have mine and saw how **** your PERSONAL service is.

-As a company ABSA has huge office/banking floor areas with wonderful advertising and signage and cubicles filled with equipment ready for employees to use. YET, its all a waste as you are understaffed, underskilled, and in the end.. not providing any useful service except showboating your latest savings plan pamphlet.

-Want to improve service? When you collect my details on your fancy iPad with its highly customised application which cost millions to develop then for f@#ks sakes, make sure that by the time i reach the tellers, that the consultant has my details opened already. It will save you at least 2 mins PER PERSON in waiting time.

-Get your tellers/consultants what they need at their desk. So they dont need to get up and spend 3 mins at least away from clients each time they get up which is at minimum twice per client according to my calculation

-ABSA hire more staff. There are thousands who would TRUELY value even a simple job as a teller, start hiring those willing to work and GET RID OF THOSE TIME WASTERS OR DEMOTE THEM. Or even better.. make their salary dependant on their work output. That should wake them up.

So.. after telling the bank personal in general what they can go do fellatioualy with their service I went to Claremont branch. In less than 10 mins I walked out with my funds. Westgate Mall ABSA and Promenade Mall ABSA.. go for lessons on fast effective, no bullshit service from the Claremont branch


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Feb 6, 2014
I would take it a step further and lodge an official complaint about the branch that gave you a pathetic appalling customer service on their complains email address/Site and post it on Hello Peter.

I hate bad customer service and deal with it by reporting it.


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Nov 20, 2015

Blapsa doing what Blapsa does best. So glad I've left them for Capitec and Tyme.