absa bank

  1. N

    I need my refund From RainSA

    I've been using Rain's unlimited 5G Router for a couple of months, until it started connecting only when it felt like it , I'm WFH therefore I could not afford downtime so I end up having to spend more money for a different network so I can work whilst Rain still deducts full amount yet no...
  2. M

    ABSA **** service

    I went to ABSA in westgate mall, mitchells plain, cape town to collect funds sent to me. We were made to wait in a queue outside the bank for 20+ mins. Once inside there were 5 people ahead of me excluding those at the 2 counters. The first thing I noticed other than what appeared to me that...
  3. C

    Verified by Visa - ABSA Problem

    Hi guys. I've had this problem for quite a while now, where whenever I try to do online shopping and the website goes to "acsabsa.bankserv.co.za" it doesn't respond, and then I cannot get the sms to finalize my purchase. I'm not in the mood to call ABSA, because I know their questions are...
  4. starlord_bunni

    ABSA bank not working on MAC

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. We're trying to log in to ABSA online banking on a MAC for personal and our business account. When we type in the login details and click on next it shows a loading icon in the middle and after a while, it says the server did not respond. We tried it on...
  5. N

    Dear FNB please explain how my ABSA One account works, because ABSA cannot.

    I have had this account now for over 3 years (read had my bond for over 3 years) and the original amount owning on my bond has not changed one cent.