1. Jamie McKane

    Absa finishes migration of digital channels to South Africa

    Absa finishes migration of digital channels to South Africa Absa announced that it has successfully migrated the digital channels of 10 African subsidiaries from the UK to it's data centre in South Africa. Absa's platforms in Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, and National Bank of Commerce in Tanzania...
  2. O

    Charged again two months later for Gearbest purchase.

    Bought a 3D printer off Gearbest in February, paid and received it, all seemed fine. This past weekend I get an sms from ABSA, WWW.GEARBEST.COM LONDON reserved X amount for overseas purchase. Log on to my account to see that the amount has indeed been reserved and is unavailable. This is the...
  3. D

    ABSA suspicions amount

    This morning my wife informed me of a suspicious amount that was transferred from our creditcard account to a mysterious VISA GOLD. Since we don't have a Gold account I immediately suspected fraud...I phoned the helpline and after verifying and all that, they informed me that this is part of the...
  4. C

    Help please

    Hi I resigned on the 11 of march my basic was 6k and com I was permanent so I had provident fund uif pension everything I also had 10 leave days was only paid 4k today . How do I go about requesting a breakdown of what I was paid and regarding my commission it runs 19-20 each month so I feel...
  5. Solarion

    absa vows to reverse fraudulent debit orders

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  6. Jamie McKane

    Standard Bank, Absa, and FNB on "slow and expensive" bank transfers

    Standard Bank, Absa, and FNB on "slow and expensive" bank transfers Responding to a tweet regarding the Faster Payments Service in the United Kingdom, former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan stated that South African interbank transfers should be free and instant. He added that Bank Zero, of which he...
  7. Sapphiron

    So I held down the assist button on an ABSA ATM, and it restarted

    So my local ABSA ATM locked up with my card stuck in it. after the cancel button did not return my card, I pressed the assist button, nothing happened for 30 seconds, I then proceeded to hold it down. After about 5 seconds, it started shutting down, including bringing up the notification of...
  8. ECHLN

    Samsung Pay Experience in South Africa

    I thought it would be helpful to describe my experience with Samsung Pay so far. This might be helpful to those who are thinking of giving it a try or need clarity on some things. Also feel free to comment with your experiences and tips. First things first, my bank is FNB so I got a Absa...
  9. RedViking

    Who is TeleTech?

    I got a call from this number, 0128650090 / +2712 865 0092, says she phones regarding my Absa Credit card and that my card Protection is not activated. I clearly stated to Absa I do not want 3rd parties to phone me. As always, I told them I will go to Absa if I want to change anything. With...
  10. RedViking

    Solution to high banking fees - sponsor a friend

    So a lot of people are complaining that Absa has high banking fees. Absa listened to its clients and brought a solution: You pay the banking fees for those who can't afford the high fees. I think it is just silly. Will you be willing to pay someone else's banking fees?
  11. vorman

    ABSA app Verification Check

    Helping a family member out here. I don't use ABSA so I don't know. When making payments online or using the app, ABSA sends a verification to a primary device to authorize the transaction. This person always makes payments to usual beneficiaries and the authorization thing never comes up when...
  12. fundutzi

    ABSA internet banking offline, at least day 2

    Thank you ABSA, no internet banking. At least down for 2 days now. Yes I know it works in the bank. The trouble is, it is the year 2018.
  13. D

    ABSA online banking down again at month end - April 2018

    Why is blABSA going down so regularly at month end? Are they also striking? https://mybroadband.co.za/news/banking/257611-absa-mobile-app-and-internet-banking-problems.html
  14. A

    ABSA froze my account after my student permit expired. What do I do to get my funds??

    Please help! I am a Namibian citizen who studied in SA for 4 years. I graduated in December last year. My permit expired on the 31st of January. Early in February I came to SA to sort out the rest of my things. Upon wanting to use my card I find it is blocked. The bank froze it because of my...
  15. Z

    Home Purchasing / Transfer

    Good Day fellow Forumites. I have the following situation, I currently reside with my mother, with whom the current property is registered in her name. She lost her job in 2016, in which I then deposited money into her account so that the bond may be debited from it. The bond is in her name...
  16. E

    bank clearing FNB to Absa

    Hi guys, my salary was paid from fnb to my absa account yesterday (friday) Anyone know when it will reflect? Other fnb colleague got their sms notification last night around 8pm..
  17. Jamie McKane

    Absa credit card problems

    Absa credit card problems Absa's credit card call centre is informing clients that an IT issue is causing transactions from 17 December to not reflect in their accounts.
  18. E

    Absa to absa eft reverse

    I was scammed yesterday, was finally able to speak to someone in the fraud report section after being on hold for hours. But I want to know, is there any way I can still get the money back?
  19. Newsfeed

    Absa moving away from SMS and USSD

    Absa moving away from SMS and USSD Absa has started rolling out SureCheck 2.0, its new transaction verification system, to clients who use its mobile app.
  20. Newsfeed

    Denying refunds to SIM-swap fraud victims is no-win situation – Absa

    Denying refunds to SIM-swap fraud victims is no-win situation – Absa Absa has told MyBroadband that there are several misconceptions regarding Internet banking fraud and how it handles these cases.