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    ZoneWatch Radio on Paradox MG5050 wiring?

    Hey guys, DIY installed an MG5050 paradox system without problems. All is working but the last step seems tricky. Have a ZoneWatch Radio that tells the armed response to come and rescue me (one hopes). The wiring as instructed doesn't seem to work. See picture attached below. So far...
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    Paradox IP150 configuration issue

    Hi guys, I have installed a new Paradox system (MG5050 plus IP150) at home. All went well, including getting the IP150 connected and using Babyware to connect to the panel and configure the system. BUT - I have a strange issue: I cannot seem to get to connect PROPERLY to the IP150 web...
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    Cell C Airtime - What to do? Anyone interested?

    Hey everyone, I'm in Cape Town and have rather bad reception at my new house on Cell C. I run my business on my cell, which has become a problem due to the signal. Hence, unfortunately I have to move to MTN as soon as possible but I have a mountain of airtime on my Cell C Sim that I cannot...