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  • Ty Linoman

    I know he/she will :) It's some very good news after a very very hard year. I'm so happy and excited :D Even though it's my 3rd child :eek:
    Hey man congratulations on the bundle of joy. May your new child give you many years of heartfelt joy
    I had a look.

    As per the wording, it's price code specific. Thus you can get one for R 49 a month on one of the 2 codes.

    24EE3 I59 CHG MYCALL 100 R49 MAN CLI

    24EE3 I60 FRE MYCALL 100 R49 MAN CLI (This one has free connection I assume)

    You will have to chat to the dealer as this is a mobile solutions special ;)
    Hi Pitbull. In this thread http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=129519 there is info on the new MTN specials. I see lower down in the doc there are some specials in red. For example the Nokia 6120 classic is R49 per month on MyCall100 in the red section, but higher up in the document it is R79. How do I get the R49 special?
    hey.I was wondering if you started that steroid cycle that you posted and if you had results ?
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