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    Playstation Now - VPN ?

    Was hoping someone in the interwebs could help me. 1) I have been able to get the trial to work. (Used a prepaid card and a friends US visa card.) The PS store does address verification on the credit card you use. 2) Used VPN services (NordVPN) to try get around the geographic block. Used the...
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    Address Book Creation for Church

    Is there a specific plugin?
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    Address Book Creation for Church

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has a solution for my problem? We need to create a church address book which needs to contain the following: Picture of family Telephone number of adults in the family Email address of adults in the family Peoples names Birthdays Maybe other data like the duty...
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    Webafrica on Vumatel is like using Telkom all over again (WARNING)

    Hi I just want to warn anyone thinking of using Webafrica of the experience I have had so far with them on Vumatel. I signed up before the 31 March 2017 so that I could qualify for the special of free install, connect and 2 months free. I confirmed with them over the phone that if I did...
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    Fibre Options on Vumatel (Durbanville Area)

    Hi Trying to get some input. Currently on 10mb with Vox Fatpipe 400gb on Telkom ADSL. Total cost for this is roughly R 664 rand a month. I have the 25% discount on my ADSL line with Telkom (through the cancellation process ;) and was able to get the original 100gb Vox deal which subsequently...
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    Heatbox Solar Geyser

    Hi all So I have been looking into a number of solutions for about 9 months, but in the end have not bought any solar water geyser solutions due to cost. Now that the Eskom rebate has fallen away the average price of a 300l solar geyser installation is between R40 000 - R62 000. I was...
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    Telkom Netgear VEVG2660

    Hi all Has anyone been able to find the stock firmware for the Netgear VEVG2660 router? The original router is awesome But the Telkom one is quite limited by the firmware...
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    New King Size Bed

    Hi Need help in buying a new bed? I am 97 kg and my wife cannot be more than 60 kg. Looking at a king or king extra length. Got a very good price through my mom for a Sealy Celebrity at R7000 for base and mattress, King extra length. Details below...
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    Optic Fibre Internet Solution for Val de Vie Residents

    Hi A friend is considering installing fibre to home at their home in the Val de Vie estate in Paarl. I am trying to find any information that anyone has on using their service and whether they would recommend it or rather to use ADSL. I think what is worrying me is the statement...
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    Harmony Remote

    Hey So my Logitech Harmony 600 remote decided to die on me yesterday! Go to Makro to get a new one only to realise that they do not stock them anymore. So start surfing the net only to realise after contacting Logitech South Africa, that Logitech no longer sells them in South Africa. The...
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    Best alternative for Telkom if you require data for a small business

    Hi all Please can you assist me? My mother owns a business and has just moved to a new address in van Riebeeckshof, Bellville. When we tried to get an ADSL line we were notified that there are no ports available on the exchange and they guesstimate that we can get an ADSL line in July...
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    Telkom ADSL line discount (25%) if you sign up for 12 months.

    Hi guys Thought I would share this piece of news with you. Was on the line with Telkom wanting to cancel my Evening / Weekender Plan as I am not using it enough to warrant the additional charge. So while I am on hold the lady explains to me that if I sign up for 12 months for ADSL line...
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    Car finance

    Hi Just trying to gauge if I can get a better deal. Both Investec and Wesbank have quoted me an interest rate of prime (i.e. 8.5%) on a motor vehicle purchase of R 90000 for 48 months with no deposit. Is that good for the current market or would I be able to get lower, as a friend of...
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    Best record keeping method for consulting work

    Hi all I was wondering if people could share the software they are using to keep track of there expenses, time, etc if they are doing independent contracts with clients. The reason for question is that my wife will be working from home on a contract basis and I want her to record her time...
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    Trying to create a bridge / access point with spare modem.

    Hi guys Please can someone help me before I go crazy. I must have spent 20 hours on this already and not even one step closer!!! I have 3 ADSL modems. Belkin Play Max F7D4401 v1 SMC 7904 WBRA2 Telkom DuoPlus 300WR What I am trying to do. I have a Popcorn Hour and Onkyo NR609 A/V...