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    Possible to open ports through USB Tether?

    Isn't it possible to use an app like FWD Port Foward to forward the ports for me from my android device? The app in question: Just found this app the other day, it says it allows port forwarding from your android device. I just dont know how to...
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    Possible to open ports through USB Tether?

    Hello, So, I'm using a Telkom Prepaid SIM (unrestricted apn) in an Android phone, which is providing Internet to my pc through USB tethered connection. I wanted to know which ports, if any, on Telkom unrestricted APN are open so that I could use them for the purpose of gaming. Right now I'm...
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    Should school children be vaccinated against Covid?

    I dont think it would be safe to vaccinate anyone let alone children, but if children are vaccinated by governement mandate, then government should be held accountable if there are any health complications as a result of the vaccine in the long term. Edit: On second thought, it should not be...
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    Do you trust Wikipedia?

    I agree
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    Would you book a one way ticket to Mars?

    Why would I want to be someones guinea pig in an experiment to see what went wrong with the first batch of people who goes to Mars and likely won't survive? It's kinda like some of the vaccines they're handing out to people now that are giving people health complications.
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    Test your broadband speed - win R5,000 cash

    Not bad I guess, I don't see an option to rate though.
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    Which is the best Mobile ISP?

    Okay, what would the requirements be of me in order for you to assign a public ip to me. I'd like to stay on prepaid as well, so no contracts for me right now. The only mobile ISP networks in RSA im aware of right now which allows for port forwarding on prepaid are Vodacom, Cell-C and Telkom...
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    Which is the best Mobile ISP?

    Yeah, I'm on MTN at the moment, apparently only their contract customers have the option for unrestricted APN. I forgot to mention I'm on Pre-Paid, sorry about that :p. Regards
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    Which is the best Mobile ISP?

    Guys and gals, I'd like to know which is the best Mobile ISP for gaming. One important requirement is that it must allow port forwarding, as I plan to use it for gaming through a Direct IP connecion using Radmin VPN. And to clarify what I mean by "best", I mean which mobile ISP provides the...