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    Huawei Want to charge me 5k to fix a phone worth 4.5k new...

    If you are close to Pretoria try this shop. He will tell you if it worth repairing. Use him all the time.
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    Scott's Shipping Services

    Hi. I want to send some stock to Botswana. Do I need an export document or can you supply me with documents to send it over.
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    Rain not taking debit order

    I'm getting service but can not pay. Others are getting **** service but their money is taken. @rain_mobile
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    Rain not taking debit order

    Keep getting this error @rain_mobile
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    Rain not taking debit order

    Hi How do you get to pay them for the service. Debit did not go of and the online payment does not work. @rain_mobile
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    Test your speed during lockdown and win R5,000 in cash and other prizes

    Vodacom. Don't know why it shows Telkom.
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Samsung Note 10 because of dual sim
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    Samsung Galaxy S8

    If you are in Pretoria go to Very good service.
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    Huawei B525 New (Sold)

    Bump Price drop R1000