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    E-commerce store start-up

    @Spitfire_imported Having your own eCommerce store will definitely help you target your customers more effectively when doing marketing campaigns like Facebook, Google & Instagram ads. When it comes to marketing we can go into depth with this but for now, I'll only share the basics with you to...
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    MySql Import

    Nevermind, I've figured it out :) the code from @r4nd0m worked perfectly. Thank you everyone for helping me out!!!
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    MySql Import

    :) I'm so confused right now. To make things simple I've imported the old database table into my new database. The old table I've named Numbers and the new table is called idNumbers I'm assuming that I use the "SQL" tab to run the code mentioned above in phpMyAdmin?
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    MySql Import

    @r4nd0m & @_neo The new table has a unique id that starts as 1 but the old database does not have a unique identifier. Will, it automatically create a unique ID for the old entries?
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    MySql Import

    @r4nd0m & @_neo Do I add this code to the top of the downloaded .SQL file?
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    MySql Import

    Hi there, Looking for someone with some MySql experience to help me with thellowing. I have an old database layout like this: And I need import it to another databse with a layout like this: In the old database where the account_status is set as 1 it needs to be changed to 0 in the new...
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    Looking for someone to help me with some basic PHP & MySQL

    @Thor Thank you for the code, I've tried to private message you for some paid time :) but it seems your dm's are closed.
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    Looking for someone to help me with some basic PHP & MySQL

    @Thor & @Johnatan56 Thanks for your replies, really appreciate it. Even though I understand the examples you've sent me I still have no clue on how to implement it the way I need it to work.
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    Looking for someone to help me with some basic PHP & MySQL

    Hi there, I'm by no means a professional PHP developer but I was hoping that some of you could help me out, I'm willing to pay if required, hope someone can help out a friend for free :). Right now I have the following code: Problem 1: The form <input> field is...
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    wordpress migration

    @PurpleSnow It seems that you have installed WordPress in that directory, have a look at how to change it here: How to Change Your WordPress File and Directory Structure (
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    Which Service Provider is best in SA?

    @Jade @ Absolute Hosting Time to do your business pitch! Assuming you offer this?
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    DNS without web hosting?

    Have you tried Cloudflare?
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    Help please hosting for Woocommerce

    Well, We run a pretty big WooCommerce website for one of our clients on shared hosting and the site performs quite well. This sounds like a backend problem to start with, how many plugins is the site running? Can we have a link? Regarding your errors, we find that a lot of resource usage...