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    "Deathtrap" COVID-19 scooter ambulances reek of corruption - Expert

    Why would it? Not like the electorate will punish them at the polls and it’s not like the justice system has the political will to hold them to book... business as usual...
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    COVID-19 - Western Cape versus Gauteng

    Could also be demographics. Fewer people living in a larger area, lower population density vs Gauteng for example.
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    OnePlus 8 series

    The 8 doesn’t overly excite me if I’m being honest (and I’m a huge fan of the brand). Maybe I’m too hung up specs? Know little to nothing about the Mi10 but just looking at the raw specs side by side, I got to say, I’d go Mi10 based on what looks like way better camera optics. The wireless...
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    International COVID-19 Updates & Discussion 2

    The global daily death rate sits stubbornly around the 5-6k mark.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    We were also 4th on the list of new recoveries though. I suppose that's the upside when you reporting so many active cases. Our death rate remains stubbornly low. Wonder what's up with that? Definitely not our 1st world health care system. I sincerely hope this particular stat is accurate.
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    Is Covid-19 just a hype?
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    That pole lap was a thing of great beauty. Magnificent!! The class of the man is undeniable.
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    5 killed in hostage situation at Gauteng church

    Good grief, were those the weapons used? Holy crap!
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    Maybe... These guys clocking 300kmh in these conditions. BIG balls!!
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    A South African driving the medical car? Alan van Der Merwe?
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    OnePlus 8 series

    Yeah. I also got my 3T from them way back when, my first OP phone and haven't looked back since. I reckon you could land a 8 Pro for 15k all in. They usually under declare on exports to minimise import duties. Decent value at 15k... If you ask me...
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    Dis-Chem closes all Covid-19 testing facilities after patient numbers overwhelms labs

    Remember all the 15/20/30/45 minute tests that were supposedly being developed when this s hit storm first broke?
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    Do you think you might already have had COVID-19?

    Interesting... The lady that lives across the road from me is apparently a high up in the Health Department that is partly responsible for rolling out the anti body tests. Think I should pay her a visit...
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    Do you think you might already have had COVID-19?

    My neighbour, his wife and his mother reckon they had it early February. His mother was hosting a work associate from Spain. The work associate arrived sick and even delayed their flight back to Spain while they recovered. The mother got sick, worst flu she's ever had is how she described it...