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    B618 vs B535 - Worth it with upgrade?

    I'm on the 60+60 at the moment for R599ish. I always end up buying a second 60+60 bundle towards the mid/end of the month, so I have to increase that, unfortunately.
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    B618 vs B535 - Worth it with upgrade?

    Thanks @cavedog, I don't have any issues with my current router. I suspected as much, but good to get a more informed opinion. I'll save the R70 a month and "upgrade" to a sim-only contract.
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    B618 vs B535 - Worth it with upgrade?

    I currently have the B618-65d (I think). The new routers they are selling with their contracts are the B535-932 models. Is it worth it to upgrade to the B535? The difference in cost is R699 sim only and R769 including the router for the 120gb + 120gb package. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Yoga4Health FREE popup

    I've been getting them for the last two or three months. Just got one again now. I don't know which app is causing this...
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    Are you a gamer?

    I voted "No", as I do not actively game on PC anymore. I do however play casual mobile games, which only takes a few minutes a day.
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    Do you tip petrol attendants?

    I barely ever have cash with me, but when I do I will tip attendants if they do something more than just fill up the tank. Sometimes I'll share snacks from my lunchbox.
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Samsung S10. Company phone, so we get the best available on our contract.
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    Did you get a salary increase this year?

    We have our increases in October. We received 5% "this year".
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    Deregistering a Trailer to be sold outside SA (ADVICE REQUIRED)

    Wow, much more information this round. Thanks everyone. @Dairyfarmer @dillinger @Swa It seems I did not have ALL the information from my parents when I posted here. The trailer has been standing outside for a number of years and is no longer roadworthy (tires baked by the sun, lights no longer...
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    Deregistering a Trailer to be sold outside SA (ADVICE REQUIRED)

    Thanks for the quick responses. I'll try to answer all the questions. @ToxicBunny They kept the license up to date as they are still South African citizens and until recently had a number of vehicles which were still registered here. They were never certain of their status of staying in...
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    Deregistering a Trailer to be sold outside SA (ADVICE REQUIRED)

    Hi, I hope there is someone that has had experience in this that can provide some information; My parents have been in Namibia for nearly 20 years. They now want to sell a trailer that they took with them when they moved. The licence for the trailer has been kept up to date. Can anyone give...
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    Radiohead CD & DVD Collection [S]

    BUMP! Still available. Still negotiable. Go on, treat yourself for Krimbo!
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    Radiohead CD & DVD Collection [S]

    Does anyone know of a good place to advertise this in Gauteng? I know somewhere someone will be interested to grab this collection. Thanks!