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    Router Battery Backup

    Hi Any recommendation on the following setup. 2 X Unifi AC Lite 1 X Tenda POE Switch ( 51V 1.25A ) Unifi USG ( 12v 1A ) ONT ( 12V 0.5A ) 2 X Raspberry Pi ( 3B + & 4) Im getting about 1 hour on a 850va ( 9ah Battery ) Thanks
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    Accelerit - Terrible service

    *sorry I cant help* But I dodge a bullet. Thank goodness I did not go with them. They bugged me whole time for payment & are quick to send out invoice for installation even when fibre was not even active yet.
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    Afrihost: Please supply better "free" routers

    Hi there I think the Router they give you as complementary is great. Dont think you can buy a better router for “R250”. its great to get up & running. *you must see the router mweb gives you ( terrible R100 router “Zyzel” )
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    Lockdown will be eased from 30 April – Ramaphosa

    Evening; At what level would you be able to import electronics? :unsure:
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    Huawei B525s - 65a LTE Modem and telephone jack

    Hi guys; thanks. this makes total sense. Telkom could not give me a solution. Have an awesome weekend
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    Huawei B525s - 65a LTE Modem and telephone jack

    Hi there; sorry for tread highjack. Got the same router. I had two lines (different numbers for business); Telkom converted it to VOIP. but how can I use both numbers with two phone as it only has one RJ11 jack? Hope it makes sense. Thx
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Hi there; I heard DSTV Now does not work on the MI Box anymore? Is that incorrect? Thanks
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    Fibre in Strand

    They started digging yesterday. A truck load of guys rocked up this morning to continue.
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    Fibre in Strand

    Looks like Fibre is coming. Octotel & Frogfoot in the mix Got a letter from Frogfoot today in my postbox; they will start digging in my road in the coming weeks.;) I'm close to Cinnamon Square Spar.
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    Elitehost Down ?

    Was with them for over a year. Moved to another host. Was thinking of using them again. Had good support from them; its just the downtime that was a problem. @Elitehost what are you planning to fix this.
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    Official June 2016 Tests Thread

    Thank you [emoji108]
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    Official June 2016 Tests Thread

    Hey, Is the SA game showing on SABC 2 later? thanks
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    Best deals on Ipad mini contract

    Hi guys any idea who offers the best deals on the Ipad mini 16gb (1st or 2gen) 500mb to 1gig is more then enough Thanks guys
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    Best place to buy Itunes Vouchers?

    Incredible connection is selling Itunes vouchers now . South african Rand Seen it there today at one of the stores