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    Rain is down

    Lol at MyBroadband article: "Another customer told MyBroadband he only received a response from Rain more than a week after logging a ticket. " I have been waiting since lockdown to get a resolution to my ticket (opened in March). Every time I ask for a follow up, all I get is that its been...
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    Rain Support

    Thanks for getting back to me. Details sent.
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    Rain Support

    Jeez @Cyprio - dont suppose you have the number for Faiz because I am struggling since lockdown (over a month now) with support tickets that dont get answered and/or get redirected to higher level techs that never respond / live chat that is now no longer available / facebook chat that gets...
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    Rain Support

    For future reference: Chat > Get in touch
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    Alternatives to EasyEquities

    Have to agree, EE stands above the crowd. It is a pity they haven’t (apparently) spent a cent in upgrading their platform. It’s the same thing from when I signed up years ago. DRIP functionality? Still no Multiple Portfolios? Still no Portfolio Segmentation by class/industry? Still no Better...
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    Optoma Distributor

    Thanks, but not looking to call international numbers @Daruk ;) And not looking for a dealer @*TJR* - but the local authorised distributor that supplies dealers...
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    Optoma Distributor

    Hey guys, Anyone know who the Optoma distributor in SA is? Used to be Mustek but they no longer are ... thanks in advance!
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    Discovery Bank explains “no whites” share plan

    What nonsense. racist /ˈreɪsɪst/ noun a person (or company?) who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. So I am getting discriminated against because I’m white? Loyal Discovery customer for many...
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    Network Locked Modems?

    Hey guys, So like many of you, Im pissed off at the new pricing structure. I bought the 'black ZTE668 speed stick' almost a year ago and my prepaid package will expire soon. What I wanted to know is, are these speed stick / modems network locked or can I use the same modem on another service...
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    iPhone Stock Fail

    Whats annoying is that they had big billboards, and sections of their sites advertising pre-booking and they MUST of had a better idea of what kind of stock they should've need. Not "oh, lets sell everything we have in 12 hrs". They should of also known that the 32GB version would of been the...
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    iPhone Stock Fail

    So launch was at midnight right? Got an sms at 12:45 (ie: 12hrs 45minutes after launch) from Vodacom telling me that all stock was sold out. Fail. Oh well, maybe by the time they get the next batch their contract options will have improved (*wishful thinking*)
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    iphone 4 selling in Namibia-Pricing and package is very well priced.

    This is what I hear the (cash) pricing is gonna be like in SA: R7399 16GB Iphone 4 Black R8499 32GB Iphone 4 Black
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    iphone 4 selling in Namibia-Pricing and package is very well priced.

    This really is a fail. Not only because they got it before us - but because like has been said - SA probably wont come close to matching the deal. Really sad that SA with such a greater mobile user base cant get better deals than a country like Namibia that I can imagine has a much smaller...
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    Reporting SPAM

    I was just curious - how many of you out there report SPAM? I mean, I understand not reporting "spoofed spam"/viagra spam, etc. But how about local (and international) spam. It annoys the crap out of me and I receive tons of it - but I take the time out to report it to in...
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    iPhone 4G Release Date in South Africa - Rep?

    lol - no - I never said it was released. That particular phone was "lost" - or as Apple claims, stolen.