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    Telkom customers are going crazy trying to cancel their lines

    A callcenter rep "should" be able to confirm an account, enter in details, check boxes and hit a submit button provided they are trained and the systems themselves work as they should. Reading all this IMO it's Telkom themselves/"their system" making it hard for people to cancel and scraping a...
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    Telkom customers are going crazy trying to cancel their lines

    Same deal. Had an issue porting my phone number from Telkom to VOIP. Then went fiber and eventually gave up trying to get deposits back. After 2-3 months of trying to cancel I refused to pay any further, then they sent the account to collections and I just paid and moved on. To get it cancelled...
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    Octotel Fiber - Sea Point

    Anyone have any experience with the Octotel fiber being offered in Sea Point/Beach Road ? All sounds good, but not sure if anyone has had any 1st hand experience. Also any comments on the ISPs they've integrated with. I do a little gaming, and mostly work online in the US, so VPNs, SSH...
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    DSTV/Supersport Streaming

    Anyone have any info about what netblocks/ports DSTV uses to stream over the web (mainly supersport)? I want to redirect traffic over a "non fiber" link which I can do by source port, destination port and/or IPs. Tired of the "tennis" sucking up gigs on our fiber connection and would...
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    FTTH - Moullie Point - Cape Town

    Telkom Fiber is installed in my apartment ready for Telkoms fiber beta in the area. Alcatel fiber termination device and new Telkom router is ready and the lights are blinking. Hardware is free during the beta and they will decide what to do with it post beta. Telkom coming tomorrow ( 15/05/2014...