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    Useless MTN - Still no Nokia 8

    Wow January 2018 still no Nokia 8 for MTN, no person at MTN is even aware of Nokia 8 or any plans about getting it. Why do our Mobile operators always go out of their way to make life more difficult for their subscribers?
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    Windows Live SkyDrive (25GB Free Online Storage) Welcome to Windows Live SkyDrive Help Store, organize, and download your files, photos, and favorites (A website whose web address is saved on your computer or an online server so that you can access it quickly and...
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    Air Powered Car... WTF!!!!!!

    I just checked Future Car on Discovery Channel & saw something about this.. Damn this would be cool if they can develop it a bit more and make those cars faster and have a way where the car got an onboard compressor to fill the tanks while you drive no needing to stop and refill.. :D:D:D...
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    Image File Execution Options

    Had a laptop with plenty of viruses today and had some annoying problems which I managed to solve after reading this article my one problem was I could not open cmd.exe (By using run command, by shortcut or opening it from system32) none of them worked, found that the virus had changed the...
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    Red Alert 3 (Gemma Atkinson Wallpapers)

    Found some wallpapers of Eva = Gemma Atkinson while looking for Red Alert Wallpapers. Here goes: