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    Bitcoin's Rally Masks Uncomfortable Fact: Almost Nobody Uses It

    If I lost the key, my Bitcoins was never stolen, the functionality is besides the security point. I agree with you that Bitcoin specifically will not stay that relevant for long, but another "Digital internet world/ cryptocurrency" will become means of exchange. After all you only have numbers...
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    Bitcoin's Rally Masks Uncomfortable Fact: Almost Nobody Uses It

    You see, I don't keep my wallet on an exchange, and I dont receive emails or any communication from my "crypto wallet account". I have a private wallet, cryptographically secured, connected to the blockchain network. I also back up my private keys with encryption that only I have the private key...
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    Bitcoin's Rally Masks Uncomfortable Fact: Almost Nobody Uses It

    Such currency, much wow, Doge ftw.
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    Bitcoin's Rally Masks Uncomfortable Fact: Almost Nobody Uses It

    Much wow, luckily i keep my Bitcoins stored in a wallet that literally only I (or some future dude's quantum computer) can open.
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    The 5 fastest VPNs to use in 2019 - Pricing and details

    ExpressVPN is guaranteed to be faster and more private than any of these, but it is also more expensive. NordVPN (which I subscribe to) will also crush all the ones mentioned in the article.
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    Gaming PC RX 580 Ryzen 3 2200G + 4GB Ram + 2TB HDD + A320M Mobo + KB and Mouse + 24" Monitor. R7.5K

    Item: Gaming Computer Bundle (See specs below) Age: Various <= 3 Years Price: R7 500 Bundle or Split Price Warranty: GPU till Nov 2020, Will get the details of the other components Packaging: Boxes and other boxes Condition: Like new, great condition. Location: Stellenbosch Reason: Gaming and...
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    PC users are not updating their apps

    This is another reason to consider Linux. Update all your software with a simple command in the terminal.
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    Rain APN Settings affect speeds?

    The Fixed LTE also uses internet as the apn
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    Rain APN Settings affect speeds?

    Im using Rain Mobile and Rain Fixed LTE (Afrihost). Our Fixed LTE is decent with speeds of 10-20mbps in Glentana(near George) but my mobile speed is very poor (0.2-1mbps). When I use rain as the apn on my phone speeds are very slow, but when i use internet as the apn the speeds almost increase...
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    Test your mobile network and win prizes worth R5,000

    Rain LTE. Stellenbosch University mostly on or next to campus, indooors and in buildings, over the past few days. Mostly used during off-peak hours (11PM - 6PM). (Tests done all on OnePlus 5T)
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    ICASA has once again failed to address Vodacom-MTN duopoly – Telkom

    Oh hi Telkom, remember when I wanted internet without paying you for ADSL line? Me neither. Truth still stands: innovate or die.
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    Big Mobile Speed Test Giveaway - Win prizes worth R10,000

    38ms, 57.69Mbps down, 13.52Mbps up. Rain 4G, Stellenbosch Campus.
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    Wait before you get Rain in Rustenburg

    Poor download speeds will make want your 4mbps adsl back! Rain's network performance in Rustenburg has definitely seen a drop in speeds. My Rain mobile went from comfortable 35mbps up/down to a measly 3-4mbps down and .25-1mbps up over the last 2 weeks. Our fixed rain lte is also down with...