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    Mecer 1000va offline ups - mute beeping?

    Hi all. Just want to mention here that the Viewpower software must be the worst I've ever used in my entire life. A java app that runs 100% on a CPU core while hosting a web server. Awful. I found a much smaller, efficient app that shows you everything you need without destroying your pc...
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    eHomeAffairs - getting it to work for you

    Yeah it's a government site which, by definition, means it has to suck really badly. I get the same error now if I login :(
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    eHomeAffairs - getting it to work for you

    Shame. I also almost ended up going too. So close!
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    eHomeAffairs - getting it to work for you

    Hi all, So I had a problem where the eHomeAffairs website (, would not see a payment I made via Standard Bank when applying for a passport. I phoned them, phoned Standard Bank, went to branches, etc. Great pain in the ***. Then later when I got past that...
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    MWEB or Telkom the problem? Certain files on specific domains timeout only for me

    Hi all, I'm an Mweb subscriber and I have a weird problem that maybe some clued up guys here have heard of before. It seems to only happen on my connection. As the title says, specific files on certain domains timeout only for me. I have a friend who lives down the road and he can access...