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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    On Saturday and today I made sure that I started the clock as we started the workout and both times my average heart rate was above 140 for 30mins+ so I got 300 points each time, so thanks, it's working perfect
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    okay it worked, but I started the workout on the watch too early so my average heart rate over the hour was 97 so it didn't qualify for points. Will start the watch closer to the actual workout next time
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Thanks, I do crossfit, so will try that tonight at class and see how it goes
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    So I don't have to do anything special to set it up?
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    How do I set up the heart rate training for vitality active rewards with an iwatch and iphone?
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    Here’s how much the average South African owes on their credit card

    My balance is also only -10k at the moment so also under the average
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Also on gold after yesterday, so will keep our diamond status another year
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    How do you commute to work?

    Haven't been to the office since March, so it's just a short walk to the study
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    Do you use a smart watch?

    Apple watch, use it as a golf GPS and for Strava and counting my daily steps for discovery
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    Do you have a high speed internet connection and DSTV?

    100 mbps fibre, dstv free for 3+ years
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    This is what you can expect to pay for petrol next week

    I last filled up in March
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    Discovery Bank

    I'm in the same boat as the two posters above, legacy card, does this mean we will now have to move to Discovery Bank?
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    The official running thread™

    Well at least we will be allowed to run at any time from 1st of June, probably best to go lunchtime when it is warmest