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    Telkom ADSL and fibre shock

    In our suburb fibre went live in July, and there were 3 to 5 operators trenching, with Telkom not one of them, so obviously they must have lost a lot of business just in our suburb.
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    South Africa is looking to introduce new speed limits Currently 40% of South African drivers exceed the 120km/h speed limit, 80% the 100km/h limit and 90% the 60km/h limit. So what is the thinking here....if they lower the 60km/h speed limit to 40km/h, will the percentage of drivers that exceed the...
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    Absolute Hosting is an Absolute joy

    I've been a client of theirs since 2011 and also very satisfied with their service, and they are always quick and willing to assist if there are any issues.
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    FNB on the verge of going full Standard Bank?

    me too
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    2019 Rugby World Cup

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    2019 Rugby World Cup

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    2019 Rugby World Cup

    The parade came past our work at about 2pm today
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    South Africa's big matric maths problem

    We weren't allowed to use calculators. But then again that was a long time ago
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    Will you commute 110km's to work for a 75% increase

    I wouldn't even think would be a big increase for me
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    Local Throttling of Netflix ?
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    Local Throttling of Netflix ?

    I watch Netflix all the time and also have no issues, ISP is Vodacom on Vuma Fibre, 100 up and down
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    Turned down from a Job offer, how does it affect you?

    and btw, there is a LinkedIn app that you can download on your phone
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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    I've got 2 favourite moments: 1. I certainly didn't think we had a chance to beat England, but when we forced a scrum penalty in the 1st scrum of the match I knew we were in with a chance, as long as we could keep them under pressure in the scrums, as that would give the team all the momentum...
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    2019 Rugby World Cup

    You will have to wait for tomorrow's game
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    2019 Rugby World Cup

    We are playing the team that sort of easily beat them, and they are klapping the team that we struggled to beat by 3...and Ben Smith just scored his 3rd, although the TMO is having a look