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    Cancel my sim now!!!

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    What smartphone brand do you currently use?

    Xiaomi note 4
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    What is the best car you have ever owned?

    1999 Golf 4 1.6lt going strong, 330000km + on the clock.
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    Jalebi/Jalebis/Jilapi/Jilawii Recipe

    It's in CBD town, so the entire area is dodgy :ROFL:, but you can order before hand and pick up
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    Jalebi/Jalebis/Jilapi/Jilawii Recipe

    If you guys are in Durban you have to try Mullahs cafe in Town, amazing jalebi Mullah's Cafe 64 Bertha Mkhize St, Durban Central, Durban, 4001 031 306 0417 Check out their reviews as well
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    Wealth and provision help

    RA funds offer average returns at best later on and aren't even guaranteed to give you what you invested back at that stage, invest elsewhere and save as well. Don't think RA will be this magic fund waiting for you once you ready to retire and solve all your finances.The only people who make...
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    Gaming Laptop urgent advise

    Wootware laptop - best bang for buck By far the best deal around for a high end laptop and you can even tweak your specs a bit.
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    Antec Kuhler H2O H1200 Pro AIO Liquid CPU Cooler [Unavailabe]

    Found a bracket, keeping this for now
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    Post invoice and pictures of items bought if your "review" is actually real. Definitely a scam site.
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    Antec Kuhler H2O H1200 Pro AIO Liquid CPU Cooler [Unavailabe]

    Age: 4 months Price: R700 Warranty: Yes Packaging: Original Condition: Perfect Location: Durban Reason: No AM4 bracket for my ryzen 1600 :mad: Shipping: Yes on buyer Collection: Yes Link: Wootware
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red 8GB 2400mhz and Ledger nano S

    Ledger sold and RAM price drop
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    CPU + Mobo (SOLD)

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    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red 8GB 2400mhz and Ledger nano S

    Item:Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Red 8GB 2400mhz Age:Not sure Price:R700 R600 Warranty:Nope Packaging:Will package well Condition:Good Location:Durban Reason:Upgraded Shipping:Yes on you Collection:Yes Link:Evetech Wootware Item: Ledger Nano S Age: A few months (Hasn't been used) Price: R900...
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    Help Needed - MTN Billing

    I remember having this panic when I first saw my bill on the app, so yeah they charge by their standard bundles and apply discount at the end of the month. So you'll only be charged R239 at the end of the month although the bill will show these amounts during the month
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    CPU + Mobo (SOLD)

    Bump and price drop