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    MTN Prepaid *141*2# USSD Mapped out (Aug 2016)

    ok so we all know to buy BBM/Data/.. you dail *141*2# But I was wondering exactly what's all in there.. it started as "what is the data bundles available today?" then I mapped it all out, *141*2# as on 19 Aug 2016:
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    Going uncapped, what to get?

    so I'm going to get uncapped and I want to know everyone's opinion currently I have no Telkom line, no modem, nothing. so I want a fast responding internet that actually runs close to the speed it's on, looking at 2mb/sec business, just so it would not get shaped, or would a 4mb home be...
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    NEWS! MTN having huge network problems

    ok everyone on mtn calm down, its not just you, there's a major network problem and most people can not even make or receive calls.. call center is of no help.. "sorry sir, we can not verify that you have a network problem because our system is down and most people cant make or receive calls...
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    MTN Bundle expire year end?

    ok so I use my cellphone as a modem, on average i use about 1 gig a month, so since MTN started 60 day bundle period i only buy 2 gig every 2 months as it's cheaper than 1 gig each month on 1 December 2009, at about 8:50 am I uploaded a 2 gig bundle on 1 December 2009, at about 9:02am i...