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    MWEB keeps charging despite suspended service

    Thanks for the response, I'll be sure to check it out. Surely it should be fair business practice to allow my bill in arrears to be paid by my current subscription though, despite lack of service.
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    Rocketnet praise where praise is due

    I've got two internet accounts, one with MWEB and one with Rocketnet, the customer service I recieve from them is like night and day. If I have an issue with my rocketnet connection, which is hardly ever, they are easy to contact, quick to respond and very friendly, they obviously hire the best...
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    MWEB keeps charging despite suspended service

    Can mweb keep billing me despite suspending my internet service? They suspended my service a few months ago and my bill has been racking up with them despite this. It's an old account that I never bother checking my bills on assuming the subscription amount would cover it. Low and behold I've...