Rocketnet praise where praise is due


New Member
Sep 5, 2012
I've got two internet accounts, one with MWEB and one with Rocketnet, the customer service I recieve from them is like night and day. If I have an issue with my rocketnet connection, which is hardly ever, they are easy to contact, quick to respond and very friendly, they obviously hire the best. Mweb on the other hand is something else, its near impossible to get through to the billing team and other isolated departments who can't help you. Rest assured it's absolutely easy to get through if you want to sign up but almost impossible if you want help. But don't worry they will send you bills on time, and even threaten you with their lawyers if their are misunderstandings. Shucks they seem like they just a soulless machine. I could run the place better, but I'm guessing their issues run deep within their management structures, so it will be extremely difficult to change them. So thank you to companies like Rocketnet who truly do put customers first and obviously have humans with hearts running it, not just managers and hierachies and lawyers and all that stuff.