1. M

    BitCo or RocketNet

    I am looking to sign up with either BitCo or RocketNet as they are the best priced and most reliable in my area (according to my research, happy to hear any other opinions. I live in Parkmore, Sandton). I'm looking for opinions on which is better to go with. I will be using my line for normal...
  2. W

    Rocketnet praise where praise is due

    I've got two internet accounts, one with MWEB and one with Rocketnet, the customer service I recieve from them is like night and day. If I have an issue with my rocketnet connection, which is hardly ever, they are easy to contact, quick to respond and very friendly, they obviously hire the best...
  3. Amine

    RocketNet or Home-Connect ISP on MetroFiber Networx

    Hello Everyone I'm about to sign up with one of these two ISPs, they are both around R1200 for 100/100 Mbps. in HelloPetter Home-Connect has 4 starts with TrustIndex of 7.9, ranking #3 as Internet Service Provider while RocketNet has 3 starts with TrustIndex 4.4, ranking #8 as Internet Service...
  4. J

    Help, cannot cancel previous fibre package to install our own

    Hi I recently moved into a new place with a friend. There is a line currently active with an Internet Solutions package on it. We want our own 20/20 package but are unable to cancel this one to replace it and activate our own. The problem is that the previous tenant was with Webafrica and...
  5. N

    Fibre Accountability

    Recently our complex got fibre installed by vumatel and i got it activated in my unit. My ISP is Rocketnet. Line activated on Feb 2nd and went down on Feb 9th afternoon and logged a ticket with Rocketnet and they logged ticket with Vumatel. On ONT box I see red light on ALARM. So i have been...
  6. Jamie McKane

    100Mbps uncapped fibre-to-the-home for under R1,000

    100Mbps uncapped fibre-to-the-home for under R1,000 RocketNet has launched its uncapped fibre-to-the-home packages on Vumatel’s network.
  7. G

    Which ISP for Fibre - SADV - Cool Ideas, SADV, Rocketnet or Afrihost

    Hi all, so we're getting Fibre shortly in our complex. I've been digging around in the various ISP's sites checking out prices and policies. Most of them are much of a muchness with Rocketnet and Cool Ideas being the two that grabbed my attention the most. So my question is - which of these...