1. B

    Mweb fibre issues watching twitch streams.

    I have always had issues ever since getting fibre where I cant watch twitch streams above 480p. I have a 100/100 line with the fibre company being Link Africa and the isp being Mweb anyone know of a way to fix it because the call center always like to think if Netflix is working then I have no...
  2. Chris

    South African fibre price war - uncapped fibre for under R400 per month

    South African fibre price war - uncapped fibre for under R400 per month South Africans can now buy a fast, uncapped fibre-to-the-home service for under R400 per month thanks to speed increases and price cuts from network operators. The fibre price war in South Africa was started by Openserve...
  3. L

    MWEB - Openserve - Fibre not installed after 14 days after Turnaround Time

    Hi, Can someone please assist me with regards to the installation of my Fibre line at home. I have waited longer than 14 days for the installation of Fibre from Mweb / Openserve to home residence. The request was made on 23 February 2020. To date I have no received any feedback from Openserve...
  4. T

    Why can't I remove my banking details from rain.

    I've been using the month to month 4g package. I canceled in Feb. 1st of March I was still debited. On the site it shows next payment date 1st April. I have been trying to get hold of them. How do I remove my banking details. I was under the impression. That you pay for the month ahead. Reading...
  5. Hanno Labuschagne

    Big fibre speed upgrades and price cuts for Mweb customers

    Big fibre speed upgrades and price cuts for Mweb customers Mweb has launched its new Openserve fibre products based on the line speed changes implemented by the network earlier this year. “We’re excited to launch our new 25Mbps upload and 25Mbps download speed product, for only R499pm,” Mweb...
  6. I

    Setting up my Mweb VOIP on my Grandstream HT802 Analog Phone Adapter

    Hi All, I need some help... I migrated my Telkom Phone line over to Mweb VOIP and I managed to setup everything using my SIP login info that Mweb sent me on my phone using the Grandstream app. But I recently bought the Grandstream HT802 Analog Phone adapter so that I can use my set of cordless...
  7. twinghosts

    Slow ADSL - Mweb or infrastructure to blame?

    Hi everyone! We have a 10mps ADSL line (the max we can get) with Mweb. We've had it for about...ten years I guess? But over the years the speed and connection has become steadily worse, to the point where it's nigh unusable. We clock in an average of 0.25mbs download speed. I'm not entirely...
  8. B

    Need my fibre line released

    I cancelled with @MWEBHelp(27th October) and waited the notice period, I called customer service, contacted via FB and have multiple pending queries. Yet..... my fibre line has not been released, why? What can I do when the ISP ignores all requests to release my line? Is it time to call in lawyers?
  9. KingLuc

    Mweb address change/moving nightmare

    Im really hoping somebody can help me on here. On 6 November I called Mweb to say I was moving to to anew address on 30 November and asked they end my service and do a new instillation at a new address. They said to email, which I did on 6 November. I only got a reply to that...
  10. T

    Constant disconnections on Mweb firbe router

    Almost every 5 min the wifi disconnects. It is impossible to stream anything. How can mWeb help me here.
  11. S

    Mweb Fibre (via vumatel) constant disconnections

    Hello Folks I have been having issues with my Fibre for about 6 ++ months. I did try to communicate with Mweb about this issue but its so expensive to call them and the support has been meagre. I tried the things the support person from Mweb asked and I even tried using CMD prompt to ping my...
  12. D

    Mweb slow response.

    I just wanted to gauge with you guys and find out if I am the only person suffering. On the 11th August I placed a simple line speed upgrade request from 20mbps to 50mbps and it as now been 10 days without any help. I have been calling since Tuesday probably 3-4 times a day and no one seems to...
  13. O

    Mweb fibre and VOIP problems with Ghost calls

    Hi there New to fibre - Ditched Telkom and moved to Mweb fibre and ported the landline to Mweb. Well their fibre router worked for a week, then we can connect to it but without internet connection. Installed new TP link router with good wifi signal, but now the yealink wp52 cordless VOIP phone...
  14. W

    Rocketnet praise where praise is due

    I've got two internet accounts, one with MWEB and one with Rocketnet, the customer service I recieve from them is like night and day. If I have an issue with my rocketnet connection, which is hardly ever, they are easy to contact, quick to respond and very friendly, they obviously hire the best...
  15. W

    MWEB keeps charging despite suspended service

    Can mweb keep billing me despite suspending my internet service? They suspended my service a few months ago and my bill has been racking up with them despite this. It's an old account that I never bother checking my bills on assuming the subscription amount would cover it. Low and behold I've...
  16. N

    port forwarding mweb

    Good day all How can i setup port forwarding on a mweb wr7010v2 router Thanks
  17. S

    Huawei B818 compatibility with MTN Fixed LTE

    Hi guys Curious to know if the Huawei B818 will work with MTN Fixed LTE? I’ve recently ordered a MTN Fixed LTE package from mweb and they said it will only work Huawei’s B525, B612 and B618. However theoretically the B818 should work to right? It is Cat19 after all. So does anyone know if it...
  18. X

    Mweb and their non-funcitoning OTP

    Hi all, Need advice. A few days ago my dial-up iafrica email just stopped working. Nothing changed my side. When I try to log onto my account via Mweb web based platform, I only have restricted access. I can only change this by receiving a OTP. I have tried since yesterday - NO OTP's arrive at...
  19. S

    Fibre with frogfoot and mweb

    Has anyone had any experience with the above? I intend putting pen to paper on a 12 month contract and want to make sure before I do. Also, I've currently got a 8mb copper line would the attached pic be a "decent" upgrade? And I don't see a fair use policy in the TCs of this package which means...
  20. K

    Switching from Telkom to Mweb

    Hey guys so I wanted to know how this works. I want to switch from Telkom adsl to Mweb adsl so can i just cancel my telkom internet, keep the landline line and switch to Mweb?