1. S

    Fibre with frogfoot and mweb

    Has anyone had any experience with the above? I intend putting pen to paper on a 12 month contract and want to make sure before I do. Also, I've currently got a 8mb copper line would the attached pic be a "decent" upgrade? And I don't see a fair use policy in the TCs of this package which means...
  2. K

    Switching from Telkom to Mweb

    Hey guys so I wanted to know how this works. I want to switch from Telkom adsl to Mweb adsl so can i just cancel my telkom internet, keep the landline line and switch to Mweb?
  3. D

    MWeb EMail down?

    This morning I can't get into my MWeb email. It says Log in failed. After trying multiple times, I thought I was hacked and clicked the fogot password button. I was SMS'd a new password, but this also doesn't work. I then tried to log into the MWeb support site, and this does work, using my...
  4. G

    Can't access MWEB account and email though connection is working

    I've been having massive problems with MWEB since upgrading from ADSL to LTE. I won't go into all the complicated details behind this, but for the last few days I've been forced to use my MWEB sim card in my Telkom landline look-alike phone as I don't have a router to use. Initially it worked...
  5. N

    How to do Port Forwarding

    I want to Port Forward my Minecraft server for me and my friends but I am struggling with the mweb wr7010 v2 fibre router.
  6. J

    MWEB pokes fun at Telkom in new ad

    MWEB pokes fun at Telkom in new ad MWEB has launched its new fibre-to-the-home advertising campaign this month, taking aim at Telkom’s landline services. The advertisement features former Springbok coach and SuperSport personality Nick Mallett encouraging a landline user to switch to fibre.
  7. J

    MWEB's new VoIP service with call rates below 40c per minute

    MWEB's new VoIP service with call rates below 40c per minute MWEB has launched a new VoIP service which offers identity calling, itemised billing, call forwarding, call history, and usage notifications. The MWEB VoIP service allows users to make voice calls over the Internet and “save on the...
  8. ImmoD

    Adsl woes

    Need some advice from the experts, Not happy with my current ISP Mweb and looking to make a change but not with put advice. I currently have an 8mbs Line which I get max speed of about 7mbs at best & up to 2mbs during busy periods with uncapped Data that is throttled at 250GB, the problem is...
  9. L

    Mweb - Vumatel blame shifting

    In the Tableview area many Mweb customers with VumaTel fibre have no internet. Talking to Vumatel they say all is good on their site. Talking to Mweb they say there is a Vumatel problem. Now - our complex has Vumatel only but only those using Mweb as an ISP have problems. Phoning Mweb...
  10. A

    Fibre availability

    Hi Guy's. Does anyone know when fibre will be coming to the Vaal. At places like Rissiville, Three River etc I am intrested in mweb's fibre package deals and every time I search for when it will be coming it only says that it's not available in my area. I just want to check if their is any...
  11. J

    MWEB forced to increase prices on Vumatel "Fibrehoods" lines

    MWEB forced to increase prices on Vumatel "Fibrehoods" lines MWEB has confirmed to MyBroadband that it will be forced to increase its prices on Vumatel's "Fibrehoods" infrastructure. Fibre customers who originally signed up for their packages through Fibrehoods are facing price hikes across...
  12. Burr

    Axxess vs MWEB? (ADSL)

    Hi Guys, So I'm moving into a new place in February and looking to get ADSL (no fibre available in the area, RIP). Contacted Telkom who will hopefully have the line installed before I move in. I'm currently contributing to an 8MB line at home with my parents, we've been with MWEB since Big...
  13. J

    New products and fibre partnerships for MWEB in 2019

    New products and fibre partnerships for MWEB in 2019 MWEB said it plans to extend its coverage through partnerships with fibre providers in 2019, and is looking at potential new products for the new year. The company told MyBroadband that this will work in conjunction with its focus on growth...
  14. V

    MWEB Sucks

    This is just a general rant about how mad I am at Mweb at this time. Here goes... 1. A while back you could email MWeb. No, now it is all online. You log in, they send you a pin, you log your query ...and then...BAM...Session Timeout. Like within seconds. Completely unusable. 2. OK, cannot...
  15. J

    MWeb - What can I do?

    In August 2018 I switched form ADSL to Fiber with Mweb. Everything worked good. On the 1st of October, my internet connection was dead. After someone from OpenServe came out, they said that my fiber line is suspended due to some fault or something. (I pay with a debit order, so non-payment has...
  16. G

    MWEB Talk setup with ATA

    Hi Has anyone done the config for an ATA using a normal analogue phone on MWEB Talk? I cannot get the VOIP settings to not fail when trying to register. The ATA I'm using is the FANVIL G100S. Thanks
  17. B

    MWEB Price Increases

    Hi Just wanted to know if anyone else received price increase emails from MWEB? A family member of mine only uses MWEB for the email address but he had to have some product to keep his email so MWEB had him take the 1GB ADSL (which he doesn't use). They've increased the price for the 1GB ADSL...
  18. S

    Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router + ZyXel Wireless Extender (MWEB branded)

    Item: Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router (Mweb FON VDSL router) + ZyXel WRE2205 Wireless Extender (MWEB branded) Age: 3 years Price: R300 for both Warranty: None Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Brand new, never used Location: Lenasia, JHB Reason: Never been used, not needed Shipping: At your...
  19. J

    MWEB admits its "free Wi-Fi" advertising is not accurate

    MWEB admits its "free Wi-Fi" advertising is not accurate MWEB has admitted that its advertising which promotes free Wi-Fi access at hotspots around the country is incorrect and promised to remove reference to this service. This advertising appeared on MWEB’s fibre-to-the-home product page...
  20. N

    Mweb vs Telkom Fibre Connection, Shaped speed, upload & download speed, Contention

    Hi Everyone I have no knowledge in the ISP field, i need some experts ( non bias ) to advise on the best fibre connection for Netflix and other streaming services in the Ballito, KZN area. I would like a 20MB Download Speed minimum, 20MB Upload speed, Fair use Policy no less than 250GB...