1. S

    Firmware Flash on MWEB FON Router TG589vn v3)

    Hey guys. So, a good friend of mine was generous enough to give me his old Mweb Router, about 6+ months old. My current ISP is AfriHost. I'm not able to add a new connection. Does anybody know how I can flash the firmware and install something generic? I've tried tutorial on a previous...
  2. I

    ADSL providers? [Long]

    Hi guys I'm a fairly serious internet user; I spend most of my time on Twitch/Youtube or playing Dota. My family (3 other) also use quite a large amount of our data. A few months ago I moved from Afrihost's 4mbps uncapped to Mweb because I was getting unplayable ping and abysmal download...
  3. O

    Sycing Professional email to save on gmail email

    Hi I need advice. I want to get my business professional email and stop using or onedrive? I see the cheapest package comes with 300 MB. Is there a way to set the emails to save on my email? Just to ensure that I don't fill up the 300 MB? Many thanks.
  4. J

    Mweb 20mbps home uncapped, how long until you get throttled?

    Basically wanting to know how much data I can use before getting throttled. Due to complicated reasons mweb is our only option.
  5. L

    Dear MWEB (Zimbra)

    Thank you for today MWEB, thank you. The day that I am not at work your Zimbra idea goes all south ... ... and the boss thinks his email account has been deleted. Who fixed it? I did MWEB, I did. I think. Then in my absence his outlook pulls in 4000+ emails. Duplicates everywhere. Such...
  6. C

    Slow MWeb data on 40mbps line, but Telkom guest and Afrihost works great

    Hello, Upgraded to 40mbps VDLS. Line syncing at 45055Kbps down and 3072 Kbps up. When doing speedtest using SAIX with my MWeb username I never get more than 32Mbps down and 2Mbps up. When I log in with the Telkom guest account or with my free Afrihost account I get 39Mbps down and 2.8Mbps...
  7. W

    Is ADSL bonding a worthwhile option in South Africa?

    I'm considering moving to Napier, but hear the internet only goes up to 4Mbs. I'd like at least 10Mbs for video conferencing and video streaming. Is ADSL bonding still a worthwhile option in SA? I see some articles from 2010-2012, but I chatted to Afrihost, MWeb and Vox today and nobody...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB’s free ShowMax deal T&Cs burn subscriber

    MWEB’s free ShowMax deal T&Cs burn subscriber An MWEB subscriber complained to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa about the company’s “free ShowMax for 3 months” promotion.
  9. M

    Mweb ADSL

    I am a new subscriber to mweb's adsl service. I received an email from them informing that my new product will come into effect on the 11 Apr 2016. I phoned their technical support for assistance in connecting. I was told my ADSL line has not been enabled yet and a report will be filed. Two...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Poor MWEB ADSL gaming performance complaints

    Poor MWEB ADSL gaming performance complaints MWEB has responded to complaints that online multiplayer games are running poorly on its network.[/B]
  11. G

    Transferring domain from Mweb?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a domain name from Mweb and I'm in the process of building my website. However, I'm finding the Mweb SelfBuild program to be incredibly limiting - I can't change anything on the template aside from text and images. Long story short, I want to transfer my domain to...
  12. A

    Mweb International Traffic Slow

    Anyone else having the same issue, it just started right now [23:20 06-05-2016]
  13. S

    Fast speedtest results, very slow streaming etc.

    This has been driving me mad the past couple of weeks. I've called MWEB's technical team nearly 10 times regarding this issue, but no one can identify the problem. I've even bought a new router in hopes of solving the problem, but to no avail. My speedtest results are fine, it shows...
  14. M

    Mweb Hosting Services - Terrible

    I just wanted to (warn) share with anyone interested. Our very small company website was hosted with MWeb. An upgraded site based on Wordpress was commissioned. MWeb hosting confirmed with me that the site will work on our hosting package, and our site was duly upgraded. The website...
  15. B

    MWEB Mobile Data with Cell C SIM

    Hi all! I'm currently using Cell C prepaid and therefore have a Cell C SIM in my phone, which is not dual SIM capable (as is the case with most phones). 2GB of data from Cell C costs a ridiculous R249, but a 2GB month-to-month data offering from MWEB, which still runs on the Cell C...
  16. K

    Technicolor TG589vn v3 Router - Cross Platform Connectivity Issues

    Hi all, My MWEB FON router refuses to allow cross-platform gameplay between PS4 and PC when playing Street Fighter 5 (I'm using the PS4, a friend is hosting a lobby using PC/Steam) When playing PC only or PS4 only games, its works like a dream, and if I play a SF5 game with another PS4...
  17. K

    Mweb ADSL router url logging setup

    Hi there, I have an uncapped mweb ADSL package using a Technicolor routers. I would like to monitor and log url and ip requests via the router. Interested in all requests rather than individual network user requests. I have tried the openDNS route but the router only allows for dynamic...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Inside MWEB’s meme-tastic fibre-to-the-home house in Johannesburg

    Inside MWEB’s meme-tastic fibre-to-the-home house in Johannesburg MWEB has rented a house in Greenside to show off what a home fibre connection can do.
  19. J

    MWeb technical support useless - best look for other providers

    My ADSL line went out on the 8th of Feb - at the time I did notify Mweb and stated I am worried it might be due to lightning and that the router has been struck by lightning. Be it as it may they tested the line and said it is down and they will log with Telkom. 18 days passed before Telkom...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB in big fibre-to-the-home push

    MWEB in big fibre-to-the-home push MWEB plans to focus on its FTTH services going forward.