1. D

    Mweb Capped 100GB package

    Hi guys if anyone can help me... I'm currently on the Mweb 4mb uncapped and I normally get throttled from excessive usage and I'm thinking of changing to the capped version. I only use about 90GB of data per month but because of the 30 day rolling window I get throttled! Do you guys think the...
  2. J

    Security Breaches in ISP provided routers

    Hi, Read this article today: outlining how there are various exploits and security breaches in some of the routers that ISP's provide their users. I guess my...
  3. S

    Extremely Slow Internet from DBS(Internet Solutions)

    Hey guys anyone else experience slow internet from DBS(Internet Solutions)? At work we have a 10meg Uncapped account. for the past 5 or so month we have had extremely slow internet.... I am talking Dial up speeds 1kb download speed. It usually takes about 3 minutes just to open google. We...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom ADSL speed upgrades might come at a cost

    Telkom ADSL speed upgrade: cautious optimism South African Internet service providers weigh in on Telkom’s possible ADSL speed upgrades
  5. D

    Star Wars Online

    Hi I'm currently having issues with connecting and then staying connected to servers of Star Wars The old Republic. I'm with MWeb on a 1MB line. Is MWeb having an issue with keeping line speed at a steady level or do I need to change my package with them to ensure I get to connect and...
  6. C

    Mweb webhosting service SUCKS!

    I've had my website hosted by Mweb for over a year. Since May Google has had the 403 forbidden error when trying to crawl my website thus it doesn't appear when people Google my business' name! I'm losing money!! Every time I contact them it takes at least a week for them to get back to...
  7. Q

    Reliable ISP - uncapped ADSL

    Can anyone recommend a reliable ISP that is NOT, I repeat NOT Afrihost or MWEB for uncapped usage?
  8. N

    Mweb All Inclusive??

    Hi :) Can anyone help me understand the MWEB all inclusive deal...I pay R449 for the 4mb line and i still get a bill from telkom? Should i just be paying for data from Mweb or what? Thanks
  9. philaniH

    Mweb Hosting access

    hi im trying to connect to mweb shared servers. i cant on mobile connection and ftp, only on adsl. really cant drive for that now, Any alternative method please?
  10. C

    Need help moving to a New ISP

    Hi there guys, I'm completely clueless when it comes to ISPs and need advice. I'm currently on Mweb's 1mbps Uncapped Premium (R339pm) and have had enough of their crappy service. Can anyone suggest a similarly-priced bundle deal with a better ISP? Any suggestions would be great, thanks. :)
  11. RenegadeWolf

    Mweb FON routers

    Hi Guys I have a few questions regarding these FON routers MWEB are pushing, but first some backstory: My Father currently has the 4 Mbps Uncapped Premium ADSL + Line product from MWEB. Some Mweb call centre rep called him and asked him to swap to the new Mweb FON router free of charge...
  12. G

    1mb running @ 26kbps :(
  13. C

    I have 4mb uncapped ADSL but Speedtest tells me that my speed is 0.3mb

    Am I being throttled? I was able to watch a youtube video withouy buffering and now it takes forever. Additional information: I am with Mweb Please help Thanks
  14. M

    Internet insanely slow

    Hey guys, I had a 4mbps line but my internet stopped working. Mweb is my ISP while telkom supplies my line. After a long time i managed to get my line fixed (mweb did something funny). Ever since then however I've been getting speeds of maximum 0,5mbps... So I called up Telkom and asked them...
  15. A

    Will this Asus vdsl router work? ...and any other advice

    My exchange is finally vdsl enabled. I'm planning on upgrading my service to 40Mbps vdsl (currently on 4mbps uncapped unshaped on mweb). My questions: 1) will this Asus router serve me better than the pace / billion / zyxer (I think that was the name) offerings...
  16. S

    Recommended line

    Hi Guys im from Mosselbay and currently I have MTN uncapped internet, but the problem is my download and upload speed is useless. Download speed averages around 0.1 MBps and it is even difficult and frustrating to browse normal web pages. I have been a avid online gamer but due to other...
  17. C

    E-mail going crazy

    Hi guys, didn't know if this was the correct forum for this type of question but no other forum best suited it. So last year I moved from Mweb to Afrihost and I downgraded my Mweb account to a 1GB capped account so I could keep my e-mail address as I have been using it for about 12+ years...
  18. jes

    ISPs and mobile operators: the website battle

    ISPs and mobile operators: the website battle With ISP and operator websites becoming an integral part of business, there is an ongoing battle to have the most popular website in SA
  19. jes

    Uncapped ADSL prices compared

    Uncapped ADSL prices compared Uncapped ADSL service prices are constantly shifting – here is the latest comparison to help you find the cheapest deal