1. QuintonB

    Free Wi-Fi for Gauteng shopping centre

    Shopping centre gets free Wi-Fi Cedar Square in Gauteng is the latest shopping centre to offer its visitors free Wi-Fi access
  2. T

    Wifi MEGA Issues: Help Please

    Hey Guys, it's ya boy TayeedzSA, I'm new to the forum and a noob with complicated internet setups. Introductions aside, here's the problem I need help with: Recently I moved from a single story house to a double story with thick, I repeat, THICK walls and a rather thick ceiling from...
  3. B

    Switching to afrihost - email issue

    Quick question: I am currently running on a mweb uncapped account, and frankly, the constant throttling and shaping is one of most annoying things in the world. Since I've seen all the good reports on Afrihost, I'm considering switching over to them, with one small problem, I need to keep...
  4. jes

    ADSL quality - Telkom causes blind spot for ISPs

    ADSL quality blind spot for ISPs MWEB highlights challenges in troubleshooting ADSL performance problems because of a lack of information from Telkom
  5. Y

    ADSL Advice - Which one to choose?

    Hi all, I'm living in Wendywood with a 10MB line and looking for the quickest uncapped ISP to sign up with, that doesn't break the bank. My needs include the following: - Watch Youtube videos/stream from iTunes, without pausing to buffer. - Browse websites with ease - Unshaped Any...
  6. K

    Web Africa vs MWEB uncapped

    I'm currently on MWEB 1mb premium uncapped, which gets throttled after 100gb in a 30 day period. I changed to the 2mb standard package (at no cost difference) and instantly got throttled because the standard 2mb package has a throttle after 70gb, and I usualy use about 80gb per month. At...
  7. K

    Outbound SMTP redirection.

    Has anyone else noticed that Mweb intercepts and redirects all outbound connections via TCP 25 to a proxy? You can test this yourself, just port scan any external host and without fail you'll see that 25 is always open on the scanned host. :confused:
  8. Z

    Advice Needed On Fibre Providers

    Hi guys.. We've been on a 3-line Bonded Adsl solution with Mweb for about 3 years now. It's been good to be honest in the past - but recently, just seems to have lost it's magic. Slower and slower - and previously watching streaming videos on Supersport used to be like real time, now mostly...
  9. jes

    Mweb national "smart WiFi service" announced

    Mweb national "smart WiFi service" announced Ruckus Wireless selected for Mweb’s Wi-Fi network
  10. A

    I don't understand South African IT companies policies

    I want to start WISP and I bought and then tested everything. Four months ago I started my project and since then, I sent many emails to different companies and I met with representatives from different companies but I don't know what SA companies thinks, no one bother to reply my emails and no...
  11. Jan

    Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – MyBroadband survey

    Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – survey The latest MyBroadband survey reveals which ADSL service provider received the best ratings from customers.
  12. Jan

    Best mobile broadband service in SA: MyBroadband survey results

    Best mobile broadband service in South Africa The latest broadband survey reveals which mobile broadband service in South Africa was rated tops by tech-savvy users.
  13. D

    Any Specs on the Free Mweb Router and Range Extender Offer?

    Does anyone know the specs of the Mweb Router and Range extender hardware? is it dualband? mbps? N+?AC? Specs would be great :) this is all i can find: Easy installation and set-up Ability to broadcast multiple WiFi Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). Private SSID for home use and a...
  14. jes

    Capped ADSL is making a comeback

    Capped ADSL making a comeback Some Internet Service Providers reported growth in their capped ADSL products, which may show a comeback of capped ADSL
  15. M

    Mweb Fon Modem and 3g

    Hi Wanted to know if anyone managed to connect a 3g modem to Mweb's Fon modem. Do I just need to plug in the 3g modem and it should work? Or are there any settings that need to be changed Thanks for your help
  16. jes

    MWEB website security flaw exposed account info

    MWEB website security flaw A vulnerability in the MWEB online bill viewing system let subscribers see one another’s invoices, and has been fixed
  17. jes

    Paying more for wholesale than retail is not cool, says ISP

    Paying more for wholesale than retail is not cool, says ISP MWEB said that mobile operators’ wholesale data offerings are priced far higher than their retail offerings, ensuring that competition is stifled
  18. A

    MWEB Premium 4MB connection preformance

    I am using MWEB 4MB connection and even I am not getting 1MB. I spoke to their customer services but they advised me to change my line filter. I changed my filter even router and everything remain as it is. I thought Afrishot is a stable and a reliable ISP because it is on top...
  19. J

    Have a question to do with upgrading my line??

    Hello I am currently on a 4Meg line with Mweb. when Telkom rolled out there free upgrades I was put onto the 10Meg, the 10Meg caused some issues so we went back down to 4Meg. However, I want to upgrade to 10Meg again, I was told by multiple Telkom reps that I could be up[graded and stay...
  20. M

    ADSL Transition from MWEB to Axxess

    I am in the process of cancelling my MWEB ADSL bundle (line + uncapped) and moving to Axxess. I need to do a month notice with MWEB, but could I use the Axxess uncapped while the ADSL line is still part of the MWEB bundle, or will MWEB only allow MWEB accounts on that line?