1. Kevin Lancaster

    Mweb ADSL R200 per GB out-of-bundle complaints

    Mweb ADSL R200 per GB out-of-bundle complaints Beware the out-of-bundle shark – Mweb explains why it still swims its waters
  2. R

    MWEB Connect Acceptable Usage Policy (Unethical Sales Tactic)

    Has anyone else gotten this "nice" message from MWEB? Here it is: Dear MWEB Customer We want to ensure you get the best possible Internet experience, by managing the quality of our network. We monitor the usage on our network and make sure that customers are not abusing certain defined...
  3. J

    Mweb, WebAfrica, Cybersmart, OpenWeb, etc 10mbps home uncapped. Which is better?

    Hope this is in the right place and sorry if there are similar posts but I am wanting to get 10mbps home uncapped and only have around R800pm (including line) to spend. I have been with OpenWeb and it has been painful, YouTube videos just don't load at all, as if it has a block or something and...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB fibre-to-the-home prices revealed

    MWEB fibre-to-the-home prices announced MWEB has announced its fibre broadband prices, which are currently available to Parkhurst fibre-to-the-home customers
  5. Jan

    MTN, Vodacom, Mweb customer service tops: Ask Afrika Orange Index

    Best telecoms, ISP customer service in South Africa The latest Ask Afrika Orange Index has rated MTN, Mweb, and Ster-Kinekor as having the best customer service of companies in their sector.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Parkview chooses Dark Fibre Africa for FTTH

    Parkview FTTH project chooses Dark Fibre Africa Parkview has announced that it has selected Dark Fibre Africa to build the fibre network for its neighbourhood
  7. C

    Left Mweb... Where to now?

    So I've just cancelled Mweb because I'm getting trottled at 80GB on a 2mbps uncapped account. Where to now? Was paying R340 for data and ADSL line. Purpose of account is to download many movies and series.
  8. Jan

    Parkhurst Vumatel 1Gbps fibre network live

    Parkhurst Vumatel 1Gbps fibre goes live Homes in Parkhurst have started getting access to Vumatel’s fibre network.
  9. M

    Can the Mweb Fon Wifi Router be used for Other service providers?

    Can the Mweb Fon Wifi Router be used for Other service providers? It should just a router right? When I log into the router to change the ISP settings, then connect, works for a few seconds, then the Default mweb landing page just keeps coming up? Guess either going to have to stay with...
  10. Z

    Send Mail through mwebs smtp server without username and apssword

    I am trying to configure our webserver at work, which is hosted at Mweb to send emails through mwebs smtp server however I cant seem to get it right. From my understanding, the fact that the mail is coming from within mweb , their smtp server will allow mail though without having to provide a...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    How to improve broadband in SA

    How to improve broadband in South Africa Lars Reichelt, Rudi Jansen, and Pieter Uys share their views on how broadband and telecommunications can be improved in South Africa
  12. C

    MWEB and IS Merger

    MyBroadband earlier reported that IS and MWEB could merge, it appears the deal was announced. I received this e-mail message today: Dear MWEB Customer Today we have announced a deal with Internet Solutions (IS)...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL - SA prices

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL prices compared Telkom recently cut the price of its 20Mbps and 40Mbps uncapped VDSL services – here is how these new rates stack up against other ISPs
  14. S

    ADSL Line Confusion.

    Hi Right, I dont even know how to start this thread, I applied for a ADSL line a while ago at MWeb, as they were processing my request, they came back to me and said the area I am staying in is not ADSL ready, or the infrastructure is not available. I accepted it, even did the test on the...
  15. K

    MWEB Fon and WiFi range extender delivery?

    URGENT, PLEASE HELP! I recently (about a week ago) signed up for MWEB's Uncapped ADSL. I signed up online and placed my order for the Fon router and WiFi range extender, however I have not received a tracking number for my delivery. This is frustrating as I do not know when to pick up my...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    WirelessCo to give all of SA Wi-Fi access

    WirelessCo will offer Wi-Fi access to everyone, everywhere in SA Dimension Data has announced the launch of WirelessCo, which will build and operate an open access carrier-grade Wi-Fi network in South Africa
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Cell C ups SIM & connection fees

    Cell C hikes contract setup fees by 71% Cell C has increased its SIM & connection fee for contract customers by 71%
  18. N

    4 Mbps MWeb line keeps dropping connections

    In a nutshell, I had my telkom line speed updated to 4 MBps ages ago, and last week finally switched from the MWEB 2 MBps premium uncapped, to the 4 MBps uncapped. and the connection drops every few minutes (it was fine at 2 MBps) MWEB support say it is a telkom problem, telkom say they...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB divisions may be sold to Dimension Data

    MWEB divisions may be sold to Dimension Data Industry speculation suggests that MWEB is in discussions with Dimension Data to sell MWEB Business, MWEB Wi-Fi, and Optinet
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    20Mbps, 40Mbps price drops expected

    20Mbps, 40Mbps VDSL price cuts coming Consumers can expect price cuts to 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL retail products following Telkom’s wholesale price reductions