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Jul 11, 2008
In August 2018 I switched form ADSL to Fiber with Mweb. Everything worked good. On the 1st of October, my internet connection was dead. After someone from OpenServe came out, they said that my fiber line is suspended due to some fault or something. (I pay with a debit order, so non-payment has nothing to do with it) I have called mweb plus minus 17 times already, having to explain the problem to each of the people I talk to. They all promise to help, but I get transferred around and everyone says they will call me back, but doesn't. Today is day number 19 without internet. I cannot continue to phone mweb, since it is costing me a fortune already because of all of the holing on I must do. My wife is writing exams, and needs the internet for her studies. I have spent hundreds of rands extra on mobile data already for her to be able to do her studies and research.

I cannot cancel Mweb. I would have to give a month's notice - still paying for an internet service I currently don't have, and they are going to charge me the price of my fiber modem because I am cancelling before 12 months.

So does anyone have any advice or someone higher up at Mweb I can contact? Who/where else can I go to get help on this? If I log a fault on the website, I get a call from someone every now and again, but like the rest they are also pretty useless in helping to resolve my situation. Attached is my internet usage profile indicating no service from 1 October.


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Nov 24, 2011
I’d say step one is to sign up for one of these free 1gb accounts from a different provider and test that it is actually mweb that is at fault. Or if you have a friend that has a Vox fatpipe account which you can use their details to test as your fibre provider is Openserve.

Step 2 - never touch mweb again, even with a stick from a distance.

If you tried step one and it still doesn’t work then it’s 100% openserve, in my experience they were very quick in fixing our fibre issues, just keep nagging them over the phone and social media.

If it does work then it’s mweb and then you’ll have some tough decisions to make - wait for someone competent to eventually help you or cut your losses and get a data account from someone else. I’d recommend Vox but there are a lot of good companies out there. Cool ideas if available for example.