1. P

    Why MTS (Mind The Speed) stands out above the rest... :)

    I have been a long time connoisseur of the internet and have always made sure I have an active online connection. As a technical person in the ICT industry it is paramount that when working from home I have an online active solution. I have thoroughly struggled to have that though, a good decent...
  2. rustypup

    RAIN vs Battlenet

    RAIN's latest stunt... . Prioritise Google traffic. Completely discard battlenet. Anyone else enjoying this? Just saw my seasonal DH go grey because when it RAINs, it's normal. @rain_networks: You having an argument with Blizzard or just saved a few Euros on crappy EU partner?
  3. Anthro

    MTN (Axxess / Afrihost) Blocking of Services

    @AfriNatic Hope you can assist. @AfriFella We have two clients using the MTN ( Mobile data connection. They are not able to connect to services my company hosts for them on a RDS (RDP) Server at all. Changing the ISP to @VodacomData it works with no issue. Let's troubleshoot...
  4. W

    Vodacom Fibre

    Hi guys, I have been trying since last week to get my Vodacom Fibre speed back to the 50mbps that I have subscribed for. When I test on the M-Lab Speedtest I get 0.6mbps, on My Broadband Speedtest I get 20mbps. Still not getting 50mbps on either site. Video Streaming is out of the question. I...
  5. eg2505

    ECU damage, what can cause it?

    Hi Guys, so for those of you who dont know, my POS picanto and its ECU thats made out of F***** cheese has failed again. its been checked by 10 different guys, including Kia HQ in Edenvale, and 10 other auto electricians, last time I replaced the ECU at great expense, worked for a time and...
  6. A

    Decent streaming service to watch sports. (Paid / Free)

    Hi guys I am looking for a streaming service to use to stream sports from. I am primarily looking to watch the football, Premier League and Champions League are the main ones. Does anyone know any good websites or apps that I can use to watch the games? I have a VPN so I can use that to change...
  7. J

    MWeb - What can I do?

    In August 2018 I switched form ADSL to Fiber with Mweb. Everything worked good. On the 1st of October, my internet connection was dead. After someone from OpenServe came out, they said that my fiber line is suspended due to some fault or something. (I pay with a debit order, so non-payment has...
  8. J

    How to cancel Telkom lines or services

    I have recently been involved in assisting clients with cancelling their Telkom services. As recent articles ahve highlighted Telkom is swamped with cancellation requests As of Jun 2018 Cancellations are now initiated on line or through 10210 10210 cancellation tries hard to push the...
  9. carstensdj

    Grinding/Vibrating noise under de-acceleration

    Hey fellow forumites, Was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this issue for me... I've just spent R10k on servicing my '05 Polo Trendline. I had a new Clutch Kit installed as well as a major service done. Car feels smoother but now have another issue that wasn't there...
  10. C

    An open letter to Telkom

    Here’s a sort of “open letter” to Telkom. (Hang in there Telkom employees, I know your general attention span is less than minimal, but this is an important read). And to the Telkom customers, feel free to share this: A friend of mine told me about a "Madame and Eve" comic she remembers from...
  11. L

    OPTIC NETWORKS horrible service

    Optic Networks, owned and run by Chris Knipe, has decided to flip the switch on Friday evening, 29 June, with zero notice or forewarning to his clients. No response to mails, sms’s, phone calls etc. No answer on cellphone, *(074) 404-5057‬, or work phone, *(021) 300-1680‬, or mail...
  12. NeonNinja

    So my friend went to Wimpy, Aliwal North

    She orders a burger . Gets it, she opens up the burger, there's spinach inside. She enquires on the person serving her, she insists it's lettuce. Is this the norm?
  13. Q

    Ford Ecosport CamBelt

    Good morning I got a 2014 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI Titanium and got 108K on the clocks. Dealers are asking a crazy price to replace te cambelt. How difficult is it to replace the cambelt? Reason I'm asking is that my father is a Mechanic, he used to have his own workshop but now works on...
  14. T

    Vodacom content services (Wasp)

    I have been a Vodacom customer for over 20 years. Vodacom Live (WASP) services are been deducted from my account. I do not play games, I do not subscribe. I have called multiple times, have escalated to a supervisor, have called head office retentions, have called WASPA direct and have even...
  15. S

    Macbook Software Problem

    Good Day, does anyone know how to create a MACOS Bootable USB on windows? As my Macbook Pro has crashed and I have changed the HDD as well as the cable. However apple can't help me load the software again (bad service issues) & every time I try creating it with another MAC it gives me errors...
  16. O

    DIY Minor Car Service

    Hello Everyone. So I have been using the service of this former SuperQuick mechanic. I would buy the service kit for the car (Honda Jazz) he would then do the minor service. Changing oil Changing spark plugs Changing oil filter Blowing the air filter Changing antifreeze...
  17. M

    Fraudulent Actvity on Vodacom account - IMPOSSIBLE TO RESOLVE

    It has been exactly 1 month ago that i lodged a complaint with Vodacom regarding fraudulent activity on my account. 5 additional numbers have been fraudulently added to my account. To date nothing has been done about it despite 100 of emails and calls. Consequently the fraudulent activity...
  18. J

    2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS A/T Service advise

    Greetings all, I want to ask for some advise from the community. End of the month we are going to service my car, change oil filter, air filter, plugs, oil change and atf change. Just a question on the oil change. The previous owner ran conventional oil in the car, and i plan to switch to...
  19. C

    New Axxess comms policy - disable their hosting then they will call you back!

    My domain was suddenly "disabled" and I was wondering whether it got hacked. Would not surprise me as I cannot use any Alpha characters in my control panel password. I use it as a mail account only so I guess some mails are now gone forever. Support was quick to get back to me, saying that...
  20. akuma

    Afrihost Fibre Failure

    I applied for FTTH 5+ weeks back(!) I've been attempting to get a commitment from them, here's the exchange: Have yet to receive so much a courtesy call. Nothing but empty string-along promises and a gaping void of service. :mad: