1. Kevin Lancaster

    Competition Commission approves Internet Solutions’ acquisition of MWEB

    Competition Commission approves Internet Solutions’ acquisition of MWEB The Competition Commission has recommended the approval of Internet Solutions’ acquisition of MWEB.
  2. N

    PACKET LOSS PROBLEM! -Please help.

    Hi, I have been getting packet loss of up to 90% and over for the last 2 years. I have tried numerous solutions to try fix this problem. I reboot the router around 50 times daily, because of the high packet loss spikes which lead to my router shutting down. I have currently have a 2MB/ps line...
  3. M

    Fibre available - who to go with?

    Hi - they are busy installing fibre at my apartment building in Three Anchor Bay. Octotel is doing the installation. Any recommendations on what ISP currently has the best deal. I currently have my adsl line and a 200GB capped account with Mweb. I have read about them having a 1...
  4. T

    Portforwarding on mweb

    Should i use (I have Dlink 2750U router, ) ppoe_0_255_32_1/ppp1.1 or PPoE_0_8_35/ppp0.1 ?
  5. G

    Red Internet Light on Router

    I have a TrendNet router and the internet light is now red and I have no connection. While trying this router at another house using my MWEB account details everything works fine. This concludes that my Telkom line is at fault. After phoning Telkom they say that everything is fine on their...
  6. Cor Cronje

    Help with domain transfer away from MWEB

    I've been struggling with MWEB technical support for at least six months, several customers of our organization, a public services company, has difficulty accessing our website and hit an 403, access denied error page whilst trying to browse to our website. Our website and email play an integral...
  7. T

    Be careful of Mweb

    Mods, not sure if there is a thread like this but this is a general warning about Mweb and its practices :mad: Mweb has been selling a 4Meg bandwidth line to me but only supplying 2Meg bandwidth. I wouldnt even have known about this if ididnt need the techy to come out and look at the...
  8. I

    Changing LAN and DHCP settings on TG589vn v3 router

    Please help.... I am really struggling to change the DHCP settings on MWEB's FON (TG589vn v3) router. I'm installing it as a second wired router so need to point the gateway, dhcp, dns etc to my primary router. I've successfully flashed the generic firmware (as per a previous thread). Any...
  9. C

    Mweb Services

    Hi everyone, I've finally decided after years of thought that I'm switching over to ADSL. After a few months of research I decided to go with Mweb as my chosen ISP provider. Telkom gave me my normal telephone line after a struggle with them and ordered my uncapped 4meg adsl and line from...
  10. A

    Mediafire takes forever to load in the evening and doesnt load at night on MWeb.

    During the day loads normally but at late afternoon and evening the page doesn't load. It is not a problem on there side because it loads for my friend who is using hes cellphone but the pages wont load for me and when it does the download speed is under 5KB/s...
  11. D

    email spoofing, passwords and password reminders on MWEB

    I had an interesting session with MWEB. For a good couple months, I have been receiving (a few, not many) notices of returned emails that I had supposedly sent, phishing emails, complete with MWEB logos, requesting me to change passwords because MWEB was busy revamping their security...
  12. M

    Mweb fibre help

    Hi! Got fibre from mweb yesterday but i have no connection! I received my router yesterday and followed every step but i do not have access to the internet. I used the login details sent to me by sms . I was told to add to my username. I did that but my internet light is red and...
  13. T

    Does Mweb shape Capped accounts

    Sup forum, So my question is...does Mweb shape capped accounts? I've been noticing that in the evenings my 8mb line struggle to play 720P on YouTube and other Streaming sites. No problem during day time...Also, my ping is radical at night and never constant but fine during day time.. I...
  14. A

    D-Link DSL-2750u ASDL Setup? MWeb

    I would like to know what the input settings are for the router running through MWeb. These are what I have available: Thanks.
  15. M

    Afrihost connections being blocked by mweb.

    Hi I have a rather weird issue. My office uses Mweb (historical reasons, would take a lot to shift them off it), and my personal account is with afrihost. The office runs various servers (including exchange) on their ADSL link (bad idea, I know, but again legacy reasons). I can access the...
  16. X

    MWEB PREMIUM UNCAPPED Thresholds Increased, New Packages coming October (APPARENTLY)

    Hi All So i am on an MWEB Premium Uncapped 4MB line and they would usually throttle you from the 400-440 gb range (Softcap as they term it) I had noticed i breached this a tad once or twice and it didnt throttle me... I was looking to cancel as at that price point i can get a 8mb capped...
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Mother Buffer MWEB, you can’t say that

    Mother Buffer MWEB, you can’t say that The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa recently received a complaint against an MWEB advertisement punting its fibre services.
  18. vorman

    MWEB Agents Pestering to Sign Up

    Just a rant regarding Mweb Free ADSL Trial. DO NOT SIGN UP unless you want to be bothered every week to sign up for their package for the rest of your life. I have tried the ADSL Trial offer and subsequently cancelled or did not choose one of their products thereafter. However, telemarketers...
  19. M

    Mweb Capped ADSL

    Hi Guys, Anyone used the Mweb capped service before? I am currently using the Telkom Uncapped LTE @R599 and really struggling at night. My ping is nowhere and is making just normal browsing an issue. During the day its great, at night its plain useless, which is when I really need it...
  20. mjpeyper

    Telkom Lines + ADSL Lines

    Someone mentioned that in about 2/3 months time we will no longer be needing Telkom Lines to have ADSL at home. Do any of you know if this could be true, or just another rumour? I believe South Africa is the only country that still make use of Telkom lines for ADSL :wtf: