Mweb slow response.

Daans 13

New Member
Nov 21, 2016
I just wanted to gauge with you guys and find out if I am the only person suffering.
On the 11th August I placed a simple line speed upgrade request from 20mbps to 50mbps and it as now been 10 days without any help. I have been calling since Tuesday probably 3-4 times a day and no one seems to want to help, every single person I talk to either just hangs up, transfers me for no reason or just makes empty promises.

How long should a simple upgrade like this take? I am struggling with the 20mbps line and I am getting seriously frustrated. I cannot shout at the people who answer the phone as I always speak to a different person, I have no idea what to do next.....


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Oct 9, 2009
I waited 13 days. You still got time. I also started a thread but no responses.