MWEB and AVG non performance, how do we get this resolved?


Nov 2, 2013
We have a monthly subscription with MWEB to AVG, they suggested we take it out as then you always covered as it does not expire.
But on numerous occasions we discover its expired and that AVG requests we renew our contract, lost count of how many times this has happened, then you forced to do the Call Centre shuffle which takes a few days to get the correct person to sort it out, they say AVG has some form of program that holds us in layman's terms hostage to renewing with them, then after the long dance and jumping through the hoops we get the correct tech bloke who has to run specialised software to allow us to take out a new contract with MWEB , this despite we never cancelled our original one, we have been trying to sort this out for ages, they say it's a isolated case, last time by mistake they admitted we one of many cases they dealing with, so basically you sit with a compromised system due to no fault of your own and MWEB stuffs you around until you start screaming and swearing.
Also we posted this saga on their Facebook page so they blocked us as a read only , this I believe to stop others being warned of this situation.
I have tried resolving this without posting on any forum, but today I have contacted them, at my cost in time and calls, but they yet to react, any suggestions are welcomed, I honestly hope MWEB sorts this out and stops treating us like idiots as we can't use one of our laptops because we have to renew a existing ongoing contract, and once you try renew it won't allow the new MWEB Key to be used, so you have to go through the long routine of a program removing it and reinstalling it, but to get assistance takes days on end, and I am just to tired of this now.
Leaving them AVG is not an option as if it happens again judging MWEB on their present performance they will say tough luck.
And yes I have seriously lost my cool after spending hours on the phone telling some call centre bloke that his next move will result in XYZ which does not work, but before he will escalate it he must do his tick box exercise, after repeating this for a few days one tends to start swearing, MWEB I hope you reply, just note each and every message from this saga as well as your contract has expired is screen shotted.
I regret HONESTLY I DO that we reached a situation where I hope a public forum like this will get us the service we pay for. MWEB we can always listen to all the calls regarding this, as its happened again.
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