1. Austin.G

    Should I upgrade to 10mb Uncapped?

    Hey guys so I'm currently on a 2mb uncapped account for about R690 and now interested in getting that 10mb Telkom HomeUnlimted deal for R799. I checked the map coverage and it states that I'm eligible for 10mbs VDSL. I just recently installed a new line this year but want to know will i be able...
  2. Anthro

    Anthro's Experience - OpenServe + Afrihost Fibre

    Kudo's to OpenserveZA .. ordered fibre last week.. They called me just now - installing TOMORROW !!! 159535031 **IBIWISI But still. ? Unlke WebAfrica, these guys actionally ran with the ball and placed my order FAST
  3. C

    Afrihost trade download for upload speed?

    Hi I live in Benmore Gardens and pretty soon I'll be getting my 4Mb line upgraded to 10Mb. I'm with Afrihost and I was wondering if there might be an option to maybe sacrifice part of your download speed for more upload. I think that this may be a stupid question but oh well. Any help would be...
  4. S

    Wazzup 10mb Uncapped

    Hey there, Just interested to hear of experiences of these accounts... they seem to be the cheapest i could find however there isn't much to make a decision on. Any experience good, medium or bad is much appreciated. Ta :)
  5. O

    Telkom's 10mb Lines

    Hey fellow Forumites, I would like a bit of extra into on Telkom's 10mb service. Any guys using the 10mb service, what is the general experience, what are the actual speeds and has anyone had any router issues or additional configuration required on their routers?