1. Kevin Lancaster

    Biggest South African tech stories in 2014

    Biggest South African tech stories of 2014 2014 was an exciting year in the South African IT and telecommunications market – here are some of the biggest stories from the past twelve months
  2. 0

    Buying a hatchback (2014)

    Hi Everyone, I'm in search of a new or used car, but not really sure what to get. I'm looking at around the R150k mark So far this is my shortlist: Hyundai i20 1.4 Glide/Fluid (facelift) Ford Fiesta Ambiente/Trend (facelift) Considered: (not driven/unsure) Kia Rio 1.4 TEC (experienced bad...
  3. W

    Messi - Goals of the tornament - 2014 FIFA World Cup

    My take on goal of the tournament. Doubt anyone will beat this and what makes them even better is that its by the best player in the world!! http://youtu.be/W-GERpSQPVM
  4. D

    High latency in Vredekloof / Brackenfell area

    I currently have a Mweb 4meg Premium uncapped account on a 4meg Telkom line. Ive started getting high latency from the 20th of April in the Vredekloof area. Between 4am to 7pm my ping to local sites are between 11 - 32ms but after 7pm at night it shoots up to 90 -110ms Anyone else...
  5. S

    The awesome little Mac Mini

    Hey all, Does anyone have a clue as to when the latest (2014) Mac Mini will be coming out? The Haswell updated version? http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/mac-mini/ I cannot find any other info regarding its release! All i can assume is it will be a powerful monster of a machine!!! It is on...
  6. G

    How do you completely mess up 2014?

    By getting told you need to have braces fitted (at the age of 26) and jaw surgery which medical aid do not pay for as its seen as "cosmetic"
  7. C

    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil logo unveiled

    What do you think of the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup logo? Now we get to be critical :) http://www.shine2010.co.za/Community/blogs/goodnews/archive/2010/07/08/journey-to-the-2014-fifa-world-cup-brazil-begins.aspx