adsl speeds

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    ADSL Issues will not stop

    Since September last year i have started to have endless issues with my ADSL line after 7 years of good service. The issue took weeks to resolve and technicians now, just close the case and i constantly had to indicate that the issue is not fixed when and if telkom send me an sms to ask me if...
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    Telkom 4mb costing BS

    This is really a question that i have for all 4mb users. As you all know Telkom has started to 'upgrade' 4mb users to 10mb, but there is a catch. The hardware that you connect through must support it, this is Telkom's hardware, not you hardware. In the mean time all 4mb users that do not...
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    Speed test??

    I have 384kb line and this is what I got on :eek: