1. M

    Poundland’s ads showing elf ‘teabagging Barbie’ banned

    Poundland’s ads showing elf ‘teabagging Barbie’ banned
  2. QuintonB

    The world's most expensive ad slot

    The world’s most expensive TV ad NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” charges $627,300 for a 30-second advertisement, more than any other program in prime-time broadcast television
  3. D

    Hennessy Advert

    Was considering posting this in the Sport/Football sub-forum since it's probably aired mostly during games - as most cognac/alcohol ads seem to be, but let's try here first. Does anyone know the details of the drum n bass track used in the Hennessy TV advert running at the moment? I usually see...
  4. B

    Do you remember? SASOL TV add with baby in pram.

    This Sasol advertisement aired in the mid 90s back when most of us still only had SABC TV, think it was 95 or 96 and it was originally in afrikaans. So, as I remember the two grandparents had to look after the baby boy in his pram. He then filled up at a Sasol pump, then he said "Glug, Glug"...
  5. Rouxenator

    Why do Christians take offence to the latest Red Bull ad?

    It's quite funny and I think most people with a sense of humor will see it as a joke. Still I see so many Christians say they take offense and I feel its really not that bad.
  6. Rouxenator

    What town is used in that Standard Bank ad?

    This has been bugging me for a while now. There is a Standard Bank ad that start off with "Here is a town" and then it features all the people in the town like the chick that got a bakery business going and the Willemse moving into their new house and some other girl on her way to varsity...
  7. J

    Get Paid For Advertisement Space On Your Car? Real Or Scam?

    Hi everyone, I will be attending university next year and am busy experience the same problem everybody has in the world, MONEY.:D My question to the community is, did anyone ever make money from wrapping your car? If you did, can you please supply the company that you used as well your...
  8. A

    Question About Nandos Malema Advert For An Essay, Please.

    Hi, My question is simple: do you think the ad has a racial and/or gender-based target audience and why? Thanks.
  9. Rouxenator

    Do you have to call between 12 and 5am ?

    In a recent Vodacom ad on the radio I heard that you now get 60 minutes of free talk time for calls between midnight and 5am (if you recharge with something). While this certainly is appealing for nurses, petrol pump attendants and hookers who are experiencing a slow [-]day[/-] night at work - I...
  10. M

    vodacom ad - we've been having it

    i love it it looks like tito has a 2nd career as a dictator or actor
  11. rpm

    MTN guilty of ambush marketing

    MTN guilty of ambush marketing