afrihost 10mb

  1. M

    Axxess vs Afrihost Capped ADSL

    Hi Guys, So I currently have a 150GB Capped DSL Unshaped data bundle with Afrihost. There are loads of threads with the differences between Axxess and Afrihost. But nothing recent and nothing comparing the "unshapped" capped account of Afrihost with a capped account on Axxess. Anyway...
  2. N

    ADSL slow speeds

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help troubleshoot this problem. Issue is that during business hours my adsl speeds drop drastically and is flappy. So I'll have good speeds for a couple minutes then really bad speeds other times. This is a long standing problem and didn't really bother me...
  3. ADrunkTeddyBear

    Is afrihost in the Durban area good?

    I currently have a 4meg uncapped line in Durban with telkom and get speeds of 3.8/3.9mb/s on Im looking to Upgrading to a 10meg 150gig capped account at Afrihost. I was want to inquire about the Quality of service from Afrihost and also the speed in the durban area. I do remember...
  4. N

    Afrihost - no dealing with Telkom they say

    Hi I am in need of an ISP that 1. knows what they are doing 2. provides you with service they claim to. Far too often have I found bad ISP service in South Africa and Afrihost rates next to Telkom/MWEB in my books. It is true that they respond next to instantly to any messages sent their...
  5. C

    Afrihost trade download for upload speed?

    Hi I live in Benmore Gardens and pretty soon I'll be getting my 4Mb line upgraded to 10Mb. I'm with Afrihost and I was wondering if there might be an option to maybe sacrifice part of your download speed for more upload. I think that this may be a stupid question but oh well. Any help would be...