afrihost apn

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    Afrihost APN issue

    Recently got a new phone which needed a sim swap on upgrade, after using Afrihost mobile data for a year, and am unable to connect with new phone. Have tried various avenues to try fix the issue through Afrihost with no luck. Anyone have a similar problem that could shed some light?
  2. F

    Default Afrihost data only for MTN contracts?

    Sup err' body Would like to know if Afrihost data is only available to MTN customers? This is if I have a MTN sim and APN settings Your input shall be appreciated shot
  3. D

    Afrihost APN on MTN Post Paid/TopUp Contract

    How does one put the "afrihost" APN on a MTN contract SIM? I know this has been asked before, but im sure a new thread will help a lot for other users.