1. Ivan Leon

    Takata saga: Ford to pay R3.9-billion settlement due to faulty air-bag inflators

    Ford agreed to a so-called "economic loss settlement" of $299.1 million covering at least 6-million US vehicles with potentially faulty Takata air bag inflators, court documents filed in a federal court, reports Reuters. The settlement covers economic damages linked to the inflators...
  2. Ivan Leon

    Japanese airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy, gets U.S. sponsor
  3. Ivan Leon

    Honda recalls 41,580 cars over faulty Takata airbag inflators
  4. Ivan Leon

    Why Toyota Is Recalling 5.8 Million Cars Worldwide
  5. Ivan Leon

    Toyota Recalls 3.4 Million Cars Over Air Bags, Fuel Tanks
  6. Ivan Leon

    Takata Just Got Slapped With The Largest Civil Penalty In NHTSA History, Up To $200 M

    Thanks to its practice of making exploding airbags that had a habit of filling vehicle occupants with shrapnel, Takata was forced to recall 34 million airbags in the largest product recall ever. And now it just received the largest civil penalty in NHTSA history to match it, with a fine of up to...
  7. Ivan Leon

    ASEAN NCAP crash test - Indonesian Datsun GO scores 2-stars

    Last year, Datsun faced widespread criticism for the performance of the GO hatchback in the global NCAP crash test. Along with the India spec Maruti Swift, the GO failed to score even one star from global NCAP, with neither one of the cars being equipped with essential safety features like...
  8. Ivan Leon

    Public hearing on Takata recall

    The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is to hold a public hearing on Takata's huge airbag inflator recall, which could prompt regulators to take a stronger hand in efforts to eliminate the deadly defect from nearly 20 million vehicles. The auto safety watchdog said on...
  9. Ivan Leon

    Honda expands Takata recall by 1.39 million vehicles

    Honda Motor Co. said Monday it will expand by 1.39 million cars a nationwide recall of vehicles with potentially defective passenger Takata air bags. The Japanese automaker said the reason was because Takata has declared all of the passenger vehicles defective — even though Honda had told the...
  10. Ivan Leon

    Takata To Recall 34 Million U.S. Cars In Largest Product Recall Ever

    Takata, the beleaguered Japanese auto parts supplier currently under fire for deaths and injuries related to explosive airbags, has agreed to a recall of 33.8 million U.S. cars with those airbags, for what is believed to be the largest single consumer product recall in American history...
  11. Ivan Leon

    Toyota, Nissan add 6.5 million cars to Takata airbag recall

    Takata’s airbags have been at the center of a massive recall push for the last several months. Basically, airbag inflators supplied by the Japanese company might shoot shrapnel when the airbags deploy, which could potentially injure or kill people in the car. Toyota and Nissan are...
  12. Ivan Leon

    NHTSA Re-Recalling 2.12 Million Cars, Half Of Which Are In Other Recall

    The feds are recalling another 2.12 million vehicles in the never-ending airbag disaster after it was discovered that the fix originally offered wasn't good enough and airbags were blowing up in the absence of a crash. About half are in a different Takata recall and thus could send shrapnel...
  13. Ivan Leon

    Honda hit with $70 million fine for not reporting accident information

    The Obama administration said Thursday it is fining Honda $70 million — the largest civil penalty levied against an automaker — for not reporting to regulators some 1,729 complaints that its vehicles caused deaths and injuries, and for not reporting warranty claims. The Japanese automaker...
  14. Ivan Leon

    10 carmakers meet on air bag testing

    Ten rival automakers that have recalled millions of vehicles for defective air bag inflators met for more than three hours in Romulus on Thursday. Increasingly frustrated with a lack of answers from air bag supplier Takata Corp. the automakers are banding together to find their own solutions...
  15. Ivan Leon

    Honda to expand investigative air bag recall globally

    Honda Motor said it will expand an 'investigative' recall to replace potentially lethal Takata Corp air bag inflators across the globe, taking the total Takata-related recall tally of all brands to more than 19 million since 2008. Honda earlier added about 2.6 million cars in the United...
  16. Ivan Leon

    Ford EcoSport recalled in Australia over wiring defect

    Ford has recalled a total of 2804 EcoSports in Australia over a suspected wiring defect. The issue in question may cause the side airbags to not deploy correctly in the event of an accident. According to the official release published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...
  17. Ivan Leon

    Takata Rejects U.S. Demand for Nationwide Air-Bag Recall

    Takata Corp. (7312) rejected a U.S. regulator’s demand to expand regional air-bag recalls to the entire country, sticking to its piecemeal approach in dealing with a potentially deadly flaw in millions of cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reviewing Takata’s response...
  18. Ivan Leon

    Honda SA responds to recall - yours one?

    Honda South Africa has responded to the global recall affecting millions of vehicles worldwide. Earlier in November 2014, Wheels24 reported that Honda had admitted on Monday (Nov 24) it had failed to report to US safety regulators more than 1700 injury and death claims involving its...
  19. Ivan Leon

    Japan may expand air bag recalls; worried about impact on industry

    Honda Motor and Mazda Motor may have to recall another 200,000 cars in Japan to replace Takata Corp air bags if Takata complies with a U.S. order to recall cars across the United States rather than just in humid regions. Several automakers in the U.S. have issued regional recalls of certain...
  20. Ivan Leon

    NHTSA Demands Nationwide Recall on Takata Airbags

    The Detroit News reports that NHTSA has formally demanded that Takata Corporation declare millions of U.S. vehicles defective. It’s the first step in requiring a nationwide recall of cars equipped with Takata driver’s-side airbags, after a long and ongoing issue where the auto supplier’s...