1. P

    SAPO: Tracking international parcels

    Hello everyone, I have two parcels (ordered from AliExpres using "registered" post) that have arrived in SA. I can track them via 17track with their status being "2021-09-29 09:01 South Africa, Delivery in Progress" and "2021-10-11 01:05 South Africa, In transit". I took a chance and contacted...
  2. D

    No expedited shipping of phones/laptops (incl. Xiaomi) from Gearbest/AliExpress/Banggood to South Africa

    I have ordered Xiaomi/Huawei phones from Gearbest in the past with no issues, but ever since lockdown it seems that expedited shipping to South Africa for anything with a battery is not available. From what I can tell, it seems that phones,robot vacuums and laptops are affected. Does anybody...
  3. C

    Importing Chinese phone during lockdown

    I have ordered multiple phones from Gearbest in the past, but ever since lockdown it seems impossible to ship anything with a battery to South Africa. I get the same basic message from Gearbest, Banggood and AliExpress that no shipping method is available to South Africa. Does anybody know...
  4. justblazethe1st

    PayPal and International Purchases

    Okay quick questions, i'm going to be buying something on alibaba and i have an option to use paypal and since i have like $50 in there i might as well use it. My question is when it comes down to sending invoice to the courier guys for customs clearance am i going to have a problem?
  5. ControlAltDelete

    Shipping PC hardware to South Africa via Aliexpress

    Okay so I know there are a ton of threads featuring the same questions but they seem to be 5+ years out of date so please bear with me...
  6. A

    How open are some chinese online commercial sites?

    Well, I for one was quite disappointed to note that the site called Aliexpress commercial gateway, based in china, has a "Chinese seller only" policy. It just does not go down too well knowing that they're happy to take our cash, but not to provide foreign sellers with an option to be a part...