amobia communications

  1. Anthro

    Amobia Connection methods

    a Friend can see Amobia AP from inside his flat. He can connect to it, and gets an IP - so he pretty much just needs to get a PPOE username / password from them correct ? They insist he needs some form of repeater / CPE ...
  2. M

    Amobia - Wireless ISP feedback

    Hi All, I live in Johannesburg and we do not have Telkom Lines so we cannot get ADSL. I asked professor Google to provide me some names for some wireless ISP's and came across Amobia Communications, who are based in Stellenbosch Cape Town. I just wanted to share how my experience has been...
  3. T

    Amobia Communications

    Amobia Communications is a Network Infrastructure and Internet Services company. They are building a next generation converged public access network using low cost commodity wireless technology. Their focus is on the emerging need for Wireless "Last Mile" access services. According to Amobia...