1. K

    [S] Crestron DMPS3-300-C with DM-RMC-4K-100-C (Presentation System 300)

    Age: Purchased in late 2018. Price: R15 000 (or closest to it) Warranty: No, but welcome to test it before purchase. Packaging: No Condition: Excellent - Has not seen more than 50 hours of use. Location: Pretoria East Reason: System was installed just before company started their death spiral...
  2. I

    Directional Speakers

    Hi all I own a wedding venue (10m x 20m hall) surrounded by some residential homes. I have rules regarding volume of the music, but sometimes the event guest DJ forgets and pumps up the volume quite high where neighbors complain. A friend mentioned I should get 'directional' speakers which are...
  3. K

    Which amp should i buy

    Hi, im just looking for help and suggestions. I have 2 big speakers, 1 sub and a center speaker. Im on a budget and im looking for an amp so that i can use them all together, playing music through an aux cable or Bluetooth. Sorry if this is a bad question, but im new to speakers. Photos down be
  4. D

    Mercedes CLK500 No Sound from Radio

    Good Day Everyone, While driving home from work yesterday, my car's sound just died. Head unit and cd changer still powers on and works however there is no sound at all. I have already checked the fuses in the engine bay, in the dash as well as in the boot. I am dreading that it might...
  5. M

    Journey Gold T-904B Class A/B 4ch Amplifier

    Item name (be very descriptive): Journey Gold T-904B Class A/B 4ch Amplifier Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: No need for it anymore Price: R2750 Negotiable: Yes Location: Eerste River, Cape Town Shipping or collection: Either at...
  6. M

    Car audio

    Hi all I recently bought a new sound system for my car. All Pioneer. Including a new head unit, 230w 6 inch front speakers and a set of 400w 6x9s. So my question, why is it that when I turn it up a little there isdistrortion? Is it because the head unit (4x50w) is not powerful enough? Do I...
  7. J

    Replacing an Onkyo transformer to work without step-down converter

    Can anyone recommend an audio shop / electronic engineer who will be able to help in replacing the transformer in my amp? I imported my amp and have been using a step-down converter, but would like to start using it without. Does anyone have a clue what this type of conversion will cost. For...
  8. RazedInBlack

    Audiophiles: Need Your Input, Please!

    Dudes like Dolby and such . . . Is this a good entry level amp? PIONEER 5.1 CHANNEL HDMI AV RECEIVERS - VSX519 Price: R 3,088.26 incl. vat...
  9. Rouxenator

    Audio : bridge front & rear outputs for more power ?

    So I am on this mission to pimp my wife's Corsa. I already fitted nasty cheap 15" A-line wheels earlier this week and now I want to do something about the audio. The car only has pits in the front doors for 5.25" speakers so I am going to get some new ones for that since the current ones are...
  10. Bona Botse

    Sony amps: Str-dg820 / Str-da2400es

    hello guys, i'm looking at buying one of these amplifiers come month end but i don't know where to get them? the only place in SA that seems to have them is STR-DG820 - @ R5199...