1. D

    Xiaomi Mi 3 vs. Xiaomi Mi S TV Box?

    Hi... looking in getting a TV Box for South Africa streaming (Netflix/Showmax/DSTV/Kodi/etc...) - it seems that Xiaomi Mi TV Box is a good option. But which one: Xiaomi Mi 3, or Xiaomi Mi S 4K Your suggestions?
  2. Raphael123

    Why Samsung lets Huawei win

  3. P

    Android Data Charges.: Does It Use Too Much Airtime?

    I want to buy a new Galaxy Trend but I have a problem with android. I've heard from people who use Android that it uses too much airtime and data so I'm wondering if this is true. I'm going to be able to afford 700mb to 1GB of data per month. Note that I'm an internet addict and I spend all...