android development

  1. Lebogang95

    Google Foobar Challenge

    Last night whilst busy doing some dev work I got invited to try Google's Foobar challenge. If you're not sure of what that is here is an article better explaining it. I just wanted to know if anyone else has received this invitation and what your experience with it was? Did you end up...
  2. Ryan Innes

    Mobile Developer (Android) Cape Town

    Our client is looking to establish their mobile development side of the business and is looking for a mobile developer. They are based in Muizenberg Cape Town; while the post is initially on a 3 month contract it is with a view to become permanent and if you're confident in your abilities this...
  3. K

    Calculating the Speed from Android Device, using GPS Co-Ordinates

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build an Android app which needs to get the user's speed as they are moving. Some quick googling reveals I will need to use the Android device's Accelerometer and/or get GPS coordinates from the device. I have managed to get GPS coordinates from the device, as the...
  4. S

    Part Time Android Developer(s) Required

    Hi all I'm looking for a part time Android developer. The requirements are not rocket science. Mostly business focused, data driven; no graphics and stuff. Data integration through RESTful web services which you will not need to develop. If you are interested; pop me an email...
  5. M

    It’s 2014, and Android fragmentation is no longer a problem

  6. M

    Google now offers free Android development classes through Udacity

  7. M

    Android development IDE

    I've been using Eclipse, as I am learning Android development, but I've heard of other, better IDEs. IntelliJ comes to mind. Are there any other IDEs that are good for Android development? I am coding with Java (haven't touched C# in years). I've heard of Netbeans as well. Are there any others?