anti virus

  1. Rickster

    Whats going on here myBB?

    Anyone else getting this alert?
  2. Wilhelmus

    What is the best Anti Virus

    Out of all the Anti Viruses wich one will the best to have and recomend for my family to use. No matter the costs.
  3. M

    Sites certified as secure often more vulnerable to hacking, scientists find

    Sites certified as secure often more vulnerable to hacking, scientists find
  4. jes

    Intel purchases McAfee

    Intel purchases McAfee Intel Corporation has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire McAfee, Inc, for $7.68 billion
  5. D

    Best free anti-virus?

    Suggestions on the best free anti-virus for personal use please ? :)
  6. LazyLion

    Panda Global Protection 2009

    I was given a free copy of this Anti-Virus suite at the MyBroadband conference last Thursday. Been running it since last Friday here at the office. 1) Not heavy on the resources, but makes boot-up muuuuuch longer... especially as Windows is loading its start-up items... sometimes by an extra...
  7. genetic

    Norton AV vs ?????

    I have Norton installed as my anti-virus protection, but I find the general consensus on forums such as MyBB, is that Norton is far from being the best virus scanner around. I've had a few virus attack attempts, and a few firewall intrusions coming through the past few months, but fortunately...
  8. Kuga

    Best Antivirus/Firewall for Vista Ultimate 64 bit?

    Hey guys. Just wanna get everyone's opinion on what the best AV/FW software for Vista 64 bit is (upgraded from XP). I used to use Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite and I loved it. Never had any problems after installing it. Unfortunately for some arb reason, there is no Vista 64 bit edition...
  9. LazyLion

    Viruses / Trojans and program Cracks / Keygens

    I recently put in an old hard drive that has some old games with some cracks and keygens in the game folders (don't ask). My current version of AVG 8 Free Edition has flagged some of these cracks and keygens as Trojans. The descriptions look pretty generic though and that got me to wondering if...