1. Jan

    Telegram Blocks Russian Opposition Bot as Google, Apple Pull App

    Telegram boss slams Apple and Google for pulling Russian protest-voting app Telegram, the social media platform used by protesters from Iran to Belarus, blocked a “smart voting” channel with recommendations for candidates in Russia’s parliamentary elections aimed at defeating ruling party...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Apple staff will have to get Covid-19 vaccine or test frequently

    Apple staff will have to get Covid-19 vaccine or test frequently Apple Inc. will begin mandating frequent Covid-19 testing for U.S. employees who aren’t vaccinated, while letting inoculated workers get checked less often. The push, which begins next month, will apply to U.S. offices and...
  3. Jan

    iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 comparison

    iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 — Let’s play spot the difference While their exterior designs of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are almost indistinguishable from one another, Apple has made several internal upgrades to the newest model of its flagship smartphone range. Apple prides itself on creating...
  4. Jan

    South African prices for new iPad Mini announced

    New iPad Mini prices for South Africa revealed iStore announced on Friday that it has opened pre-orders for the latest generation of iPad Mini, with prices starting at R8,999 for the 64GB model without cellular connectivity. The sixth generation of iPad Mini — which was announced at Apple’s...
  5. Jan

    iStore announces iPhone 13 Pro launch date for South Africa

    iPhone 13 Pro South African launch date revealed The iStore has revealed Apple's new flagship iPhone 13 Pro will be available in South Africa starting from 8 October 2021. Apple announced its latest top-end smartphones on Tuesday at Apple's California Streaming event.
  6. Jan

    iOS 15 set to launch on 20 September

    iOS 15 launch date revealed Apple's much-anticipated iOS 15 update for the iPhone will roll out on 20 September, alongside iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8. Among the biggest new features are improvements to Apple's video calling app, Facetime.
  7. Jan

    Apple Watch Series 7 launched

    Apple Watch Series 7 with big display and better durability Apple on Tuesday announced the Watch Series 7, with the biggest display, best durability, and fastest charging yet on an Apple smartwatch. The new smartwatch boasts a display that can fit nearly 50% more text than the Series 6 and the...
  8. Jan

    Apple announces iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

    iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro unveiled — a cinematographer in your pocket Apple pulled the wraps off its new range of flagship iPhone 13 smartphones during a live-streamed product launch event on Tuesday. The company says its latest line-up offers faster performance, better camera capabilities...
  9. Jan

    New iPad and iPad Mini launched

    Apple launches new iPad and revamped iPad Mini Apple has unveiled new versions of its iPad and iPad Mini at its “California streaming” product event on Tuesday, refuting predictions that it would only discuss an update to its iPad line in October. The new iPad will feature a more powerful A13...
  10. Jan

    Apple must decide how badly it wants to keep its 30% App Store commission

    Apple can keep 30% App Store commission — but faces backlash if it does Apple Inc. could tell mobile app developers that it still intends to collect a commission of up to 30% despite last week’s court ruling ordering the iPhone maker to let users make payments on the web and questioning whether...
  11. Jan

    Critical security patch against Pegasus spyware released for iDevices

    Apple releases critical security fixes — update your iPhone now One of Apple's latest security updates fixes a critical vulnerability that allowed attackers to infect devices with Pegasus spyware without requiring the user to perform any action.
  12. Hanno Labuschagne

    New head for Apple car project

    New head for Apple car project Apple Inc. appointed one of its top software executives, Kevin Lynch, to oversee its nascent self-driving car project after the previous leader left for Ford Motor Co. Lynch, an Adobe Inc. veteran who joined Apple in 2013 to run the software group for the...
  13. Jan

    Chinese company moves to block manufacturing of iPhone 13 for patent violation

    iPhone 13 launch threatened by Chinese company claiming Siri violates its patent Chinese AI company Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology, also known as Xiao-i Robot, has asked a court to block the manufacturing and sale of Apple's iPhone in China, days before Apple's expected...
  14. Jan

    Apple California Streaming event announced - iPhone 13 reveal expected

    Apple product event announced — iPhone 13 reveal expected Apple's next major product-unveiling event will happen at 19:00 on 14 September 2021. Dubbed "California Streaming", the event is expected to include announcements of a new iPhone, Apple Series smartwatch, and third-generation AirPods...
  15. Jan

    Xiaomi pips Apple is biggest smartwatch manufacturer by quarterly shipments

    Xiaomi passes Apple to become world's biggest smartwatch maker Xiaomi has passed Apple to become the world's leading smartwatch manufacturer in terms of shipments, data from research firm Canalys shows. The Chinese tech giant shipped 8 million wearable bands in the second quarter of 2021...
  16. Hanno Labuschagne

    Apple delays controversial tools that scan photos for child abuse

    Apple delays controversial tools that scan photos for child abuse Apple Inc. is delaying a system that would have scanned customers’ photos for signs of child sex abuse after fierce criticism from privacy advocates, who feared it could set the stage for other forms of tracking. The company had...
  17. Hanno Labuschagne

    Apple to allow Netflix and certain media apps to link to payment websites

    Apple to allow Netflix and certain media apps to link to payment websites Apple Inc. will allow developers of some apps like Netflix to link from their software to external websites for payments by users, addressing a longstanding App Store complaint and settling an investigation by Japan’s...
  18. Jan

    Satellite connectivity coming to iPhone 13 - analyst

    iPhone 13 will have satellite calling — Report Apple's upcoming 2021 iPhone will be able to make calls and send messages using satellite connectivity in remote places without cellular reception. This is according to reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose most recent investor note was picked...
  19. Hanno Labuschagne

    Tim Cook's R11.2-billion payday

    Tim Cook's R11.2-billion payday Tim Cook, Apple Inc.’s chief executive officer, will this week collect the 10th and final tranche of the pay deal he received a decade ago after he took over the top job from co-founder Steve Jobs. The haul consists of about 5 million shares worth roughly $750...
  20. Jan

    iOS bug causing mobile network connectivity issues

    iPhone update causing "No Service" bug Several iPhone users are reporting the latest iOS update has a bug that is killing their cellular network connectivity. According to 9to5Mac, users on Apple's Developer Forum and Discussion forum said the issue has been occurring for at least a few weeks...